O’Taste restaurant review: Grab a savoury kimchi pancake or a steaming bowl of bibimbap at this minimalist Korean fast food joint on Hillier Street, Sheung Wan

By David Sutton

We find Hong Kong’s hottest eats ’n’ treats.

By David Sutton |

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The omelette rolls are tasty and surprisingly filling.


G/F, 6 Hiller Street, Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

Tel: 2765 8858

Grub: Korean fast food

Vibe: The restaurant is roughly triangular in shape. The counter and kitchen area take up the left side while the dining area, which has space for about 24, is on the right. But it’s not a perfect triangle and an extra corner in the dining area affords just enough room for a fridge with canned drinks.

The dining area walls are of white painted brickwork which is attractive and clean and makes the place seem more spacious than it really is. Place your orders at the counter and keep your receipt. This bears a number which will be flashed up on a screen when your food is ready.

Who to take: K-pop idols would probably make ideal lunch companions but if you don’t know any, bring along your fellow K-pop fans. Or any other friends, really.

Bibimbaps come with fresh, crisp vegetables, and are with a cup of miso soup on the side.
Photo: David Sutton

What’s hot: Most of the items on the menu seemed familiar enough. One thing that stood out, though, was the “cup rice”. This consists of a cardboard container of rice topped with a choice of beef bulgogi, spicy pork, squid, or teriyaki chicken. They look great for a snack but what made us shudder was that they all come with a chunk of spam on top. (No doubt the kitchen would happily leave it off if you asked.)

But we were hungry for a bibimbap and those are available with beef bulgogi, tofu, spicy pork and teriyaki chicken. The beef and the spicy pork are always a good choice. They come with fresh, crisp vegetables, which include mushroom, zucchini, carrots, kimchi, and red and green peppers. These are served on a bed of mixed white and black rice, with a cup of miso soup on the side.

It’s a very filling dish on its own but there are also a large number of sides to choose from, such as fried chicken pieces and kimbap rolls, all of which are great for sharing. 

We went for the egg omelette rolls and kimchi pancakes. Portions are quite generous and the omelette rolls, which were very tasty, were also surprisingly filling. The kimchi pancakes were okay but not as interesting or perhaps just not the best choice to go alongside the omelette.

Other dishes include soup and stews with a choice of spicy seafood, kimchi with pork or ginseng chicken. There is a wide range of lunch boxes available, which feature bulgogi, tofu, pork and chicken along with rice and a selection of sides.

The fridge has a range of canned drinks such as Coke and 7 Up, but more interestingly, Korean soft drinks and juices. Choose what you want when you place your order at the counter.

What’s not: The restaurant occupies the ground floor of a building, but while the dining area has one small window with a table for two, the kitchen has a much bigger and better view of the street outside. Surely the customers should benefit at least as much as the staff!

Cost: A main dish with a side costs around HK$100-HK$150 per person.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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