The ultimate guide to the 7 best burgers in Hong Kong

YP ReporterPearl ChiaIris Duong

Our cadets found seven of the best burger joints for a student budget. It’s a tough life, being a YP cadet

YP ReporterPearl ChiaIris Duong |

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Big Bite has their burgers just right.

Sometimes you just want a burger.  But with so many places opening up across the city all the time, it can be tricky trying to decide where to go with your squad – especially when you’re still dependent on your parents to foot the bill. We’ve got you covered. Our cadets found seven of the best burger joints that won’t break the bank. It’s a tough life, being a YP cadet.

The Big Bite

We ordered a cheeseburger (HK$68). The food is not as quick to arrive as, say, McDonald’s, but it was still pretty speedy. The burger sat in the Goldilocks zone – not too cold, and not too hot. There was a decent amount of filling but it wasn’t cheap for a single patty. The meat was juicy, chewy, and slightly charred. We liked the contrast of the saltiness of the beef and the sweetness of the mustard and cheese. 

Find it: Shop 4B, G/F Kar Fu Bldg, 196-202 Java Road, North Point

Burger Home's cheeseburger is the most economical choice on our list.
Photo: YP cadet Vivian Lun

Burger Home

We had a cheeseburger (HK$39), which was on the small side, but arrived bursting with filling. Besides, its size actually makes it easy to eat on the go. The order took a while to get to us, but we didn’t mind – it was freshly made, and the meat was still slightly sizzling in the bun. We loved the contrast between the sweetness of the bread and the saltiness of the beef and cheese.  

Find it: Shop 12, G/F, 51 Pao Woo Mansion, Cross Lane, Wan Chai

Burger Kitchen has a burger filled with all the burger elements you'd expect.
Photo: YP cadet Christy Kwok

Burger Kitchen

A classic burger will set you back HK$48, and it’s worth every cent. It’s filled with tomatoes, onion, cheese, pickles, lettuce, and an amazing beef patty. The ingredients blend together very well, and are topped with just the right amount of sauce. The bread also has a nice crunch to it. The patty was good and thick, juicy, and flooded with flavour. We’d order this again for sure. 

Find it: Shop 3, G/F, Eightland Gardens, 2 On Chee Road, Tai Po

Craft Brew and Co is the high end of our choices here, but you get what you pay for.
Photo: YP cadet Joyee Au Yeung

Craft Brew & Co

We ordered: Hong Kong U Burger” (HK$130 – the most expensive of the burgers we tried), which contains a beef patty, roasted pineapple, lettuce, bacon and egg. You also get a salad and fries for your money. The beef was incredibly juicy, and the pineapple added a sweet-sour flavour. Yes, it’s expensive, but this a “treat yourself” place – perfect for when you’re feeling self-indulgent, or when you’re on a date. 

Find it: 36 High Street, Sai Ying Pun

Burger Circus

After we were warmly welcomed by a waiter, we ordered a classic American cheeseburger (HK$88), as well as a Reese’s Pieces-flavoured  shake at for HK$78 (heaven in a glass). The burger is a sizzling and juicy beef patty, topped with Wisconsin Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle and their signature sauce. Trust us when we say every single bite of this burger is memorable. Yes, it’s pricy (well, it is in Central), but it’s sizable and freshly made, and utterly satisfying.

Find it: 22 Hollywood Road, Central

If you want a veggie burger, Mana! Fast Slow Food is where you want to go.
Photo: YP cadet Karl Lam

Mana! Fast Slow Food

This veggie place prides itself on using wholesome, plant-based ingredients in their dishes. We tried their classic burger, which at HK$80 a pop isn’t cheap, but it is one of few vegetarian options in town. It’s a generous portion, made with portobello mushrooms and roasted veggies, and soft, mild tofu and grilled halloumi which melt in the mouth. The sweetness of the crispy veggies worked very well with the fresh sesame bun, and even omnivores were pleasantly surprised.

Find it: 92 Wellington Street, Central

Beef and Liberty. Their burgers look good and taste good.
Photo: YP cadet Karl Lam

Beef & Liberty Burgers 

The hamburger (HK$98) tastes just as good as it looks (and smells) thanks to a perfectly cooked beef patty; cooked through just enough to retain enough juiciness, tenderness and flavour. Again it’s not cheap, but it’s evident they only use the finest and freshest ingredients: cult favourite Tiptree ketchup, sweet red onions and crisp butter lettuce. Even the bread buns were toasted to a perfect golden brown. Well worth the splurge.

Find it: branches in Wan Chai, Stanley and Lan Kwai Fong

Edited by Ginny Wong