We tried six spooky Halloween candies you can buy in HK - are they more trick or treat?

By Ben Young

Which scary sugary sweets are worth trying this All Hallows' Eve, and which should you skip? We tasted a bunch so you won't be tricked

By Ben Young |

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To get ready for the year’s sweetest - and spookiest - holiday, the Young Post team tested six Halloween-themed sweets that can be picked up in Hong Kong.

Disney Chocolate & Pumpkin Biscuits (HK$33.90)

Ben: I don’t really think they taste like pumpkin at all, and the custard doesn’t really taste like custard; it tastes more like some sort of sweet, solid sludge.

Charlotte: These look super cute … because they’re Disney! The pumpkin filling tastes nothing like pumpkin, but the biscuit is nice and buttery, like a malted milk biscuit.

Conclusion: Despite the cute packaging, these biscuits are pretty average.

Ajitenka Eyeball Gummies (HK$13.90)

Charlotte: Dude, these are the worst ones; they actually look like eyeballs! They’re so realistic looking! Oh, but they taste like normal gummies. They’re quite nice, and taste just like Haribo gummy bears.

Jamie: They look disgusting, but they taste like regular orange gummies.

Ben: These are really good for putting over your real eyes to scare people.

Conclusion: These tasty eyeball gummies look a lot freakier than they taste.

Glico Caplico Mini Bag Cone (HK$22.90)

Charlotte: It’s nice, it tastes like a waffle and the filling is very sweet, and I love how there’s chocolate at the bottom.

Jamie: If you ever forget your Halloween costume, these are perfect for sticking your forehead and pretending to be a unicorn!

Seb: There was only a little bit of strawberry filling, the rest was chocolate. I’m a little disappointed.

Conclusion: A rather tasty and unique treat; however, the fruity-filling-to-chocolate ratio could be improved.

Palmer Double Crisp Skulls (HK$11.90)

Ben: Even for chocolate, these are really sweet … far too sweet for me. Yuck.

Seb: These taste like Time Out bars, but sweeter and the chocolate is lower quality.

Charlotte: I’m a chocoholic, and I don’t like these. That is not good chocolate.

Jamie: It doesn’t even taste like chocolate. The aftertaste has left me with an ache in my real skull.

Conclusion: These are a good option for trick-or-treaters, but there are plenty of better chocolate treats on the market.

Prescott Fat-free Skull-shaped Marshmallows (HK$7.90)

Ben: These marshmallows don’t look like skulls at all; they look more like some kind of freaky alien. They taste just like the marshmallows you find in cereal boxes.

Charlotte: They do look pretty alien-y.

Seb: It tastes just like a normal marshmallow. It is what it is.

Jamie: I feel really bad for the poor guy whose head is shaped like this.

Conclusion: These don’t really look like skulls. But considering the price, it is a decent option for a marshmallow treat.

Lotte Halloween Koala Chocolate Biscuits (HK$28.90)

Jamie: The koala bears have cute costumes, like a neat Sherlock Holmes get-up. Tasty, too.

Seb: I was expecting a funky flavour instead of the usual filling, but I was very impressed with the design.

Ben: I thought they were going to taste like regular koala biscuits, but I think the chocolate tastes richer and nicer than normal. Is this some kind of new recipe?

Charlotte: In terms of taste, these biscuits are by far the best. They are also the cutest, with the koalas printed on each biscuit all decked-out for Halloween. I also love the packaging!

Conclusion: This is everyone’s favourite – from the cute packaging and koala costumes, these treats won’t disappoint.

Final thoughts:

Seb: These candies aren’t that special – they are all familiar flavours. The packaging is impressive, but they’re complete letdowns when it comes to taste.

Jamie: In North America – where we do Halloween properly – we have Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, tangy Nerds rock candy, and Dubble Bubble chewing gum. Write in to our editor so that she’ll authorise a “fact-gathering” business trip next year, and I’ll bring some goodies back for you all to share.

Charlotte: Even for someone as squeamish as me, these so-called Halloween-themed sweets are kinda tame. I was expecting brains, bugs and other gruesome treats. But there isn’t really anything especially Halloween-y about these sweets. The only thing you’re really paying for when you buy these is the wrapper. So until they make edible plastic, maybe don’t bother.

Clearly, here at Young Post, we have high standards when it comes to candy! The lesson here is: don’t fall for Halloween marketing. Despite the special packaging, most Halloween sweets are, well, just ordinary sweets.

Edited by Ginny Wong