Eggstra tasty holiday treats for your tummy

Compiled by John Kang

With Easter just round the corner,Young Post's junior reporters reviewed some of the Easter chocolates (and jellies) out there to help you choose your holiday treats

Compiled by John Kang |

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Lindt's Lindor Mini Shell Egg (HK$56.90)

The packaging is nice and fancy, but it goes downhill from there. It looks (and is) expensive, so my expectations were sky-high, but they soon came crashing down, faster than my sugar high.

As a chocolate lover, Lindt is one of my favourite chocolate brands, but they disappointed me this time. There is one big chocolate egg, and three smaller ones.

The bigger one is just like a Kinder egg, but without the toy. Actually, there's nothing inside, it's completely hollow! I felt dissatisfied and empty, just like the egg.

I did like the three smaller eggs though because they actually have something inside. The smooth filling melts in your mouth, which is the main reason I love Lindt.

The red packaging with elegant flowers and butterflies may make this a great present for Christmas or Valentine's Day, but definitely not for Easter. In fact, I can't think of anything Easter-y about it, and frankly, it's not worth the price. I can buy three packs of Kinder instead!

Katniss Tsang



Marks & Spencer's Jelly Carrots (HK$32)

If you like being surprised by the flavour of something because it looks like it should taste of something else, you'll love these.

The packaging, which is shaped like a carrot, is simple but perfect for Easter. As you open the bag, you'll get your first surprise.

Inside the bag, there are about 20 small jelly carrots. But they don't smell like carrots. In fact, they smell like oranges, which is very confusing.

And then you taste them. A real rabbit would not like these because they don't taste like carrots; they taste like oranges and I'm pretty sure the Easter rabbit is supposed to prefer carrots to oranges.

But I'm not a rabbit, so I enjoyed the jellies. They're very juicy and chewy, and taste amazingly like fresh oranges.

Kristie Wong



Waitrose's Cream Truffle Mini Eggs (HK$50.90)

With their white and yellow candy shells splashed with chocolate, these could easily be mistaken for quail eggs. They smell like dark chocolate, but that's only the beginning of the experience.

The crispy texture of the outer shell is juxtaposed with the soft, rich chocolate inside, creating different levels of sweetness as you eat them, making the munching more exciting.

The chocolate tastes of caramel, milk chocolate and condensed milk - it reminded me of egg waffles, but without the carb factor. The creaminess of the chocolate satisfies both your stomach, as well as your cravings for guilty pleasures. Share them with your loved ones by all means, but be ready to go running for an hour, because each pack contains almost 500 kcal. Personally, I would buy these for my loved ones for Easter because they're basically the perfect Easter chocolates; plus I want them to get fat.

Emily Lei



Kinder Joy (for girls) (HK$23.90)

The packaging is colourful; it even features a smiling egg with bunny ears in keeping with the theme of Easter. The bright, bold colours will catch your attention on any shelf, but don't be fooled.

A pack of Kinder Joy contains three gifts. Each gift is a Kinder egg, two truffle-like chocolates and a toy. The best toy in our pack was a ring with a stamp of a dog's paw. Yes, that's right. A dog. I mean, sure, it's cute and all, but it's Easter. Why a dog? Did it eat the Easter Bunny? Maybe, so I got sad and needed to eat the chocolate to feel better.

Kinder Joy should be the king of all Easter chocolates 'cause it's an egg all year round. But the only changes they bothered to make for Easter are on the packaging.

But the lack of effort to make things Easter-y doesn't make the chocolate any less delicious. It's a creamy fusion of milk and white chocolate, with a creamy filling which you eat with a little spoon that they give you, so it's more like a fancy dessert than an Easter egg. The two crunchy-nutty chocolate balls contrast well with the creamy taste egg filling.

Kinder could have been more creative, but this is affordable, can be bought anywhere, and it's good. In a nut, well, eggshell, Kinder did bring me joy.

Tinaz Mirza



Lucullus' Rabbit Lolly (HK$49)

An adorable smiling rabbit with bright green pants, chubby cheeks, and a firm clutch on an orange carrot; who'd want to munch that up? It looks too cute to be true, and I felt guilty as first the ears disappeared … then those twinkling eyes … boom, all gone. My guilt increased because of the packaging: a plastic wrapper the size of my hand containing that tiny rabbit which was only the size of my pinky.

Taste-wise, an overly sugary vanilla essence dominated, completely drowning out any cocoa taste. At this price, I was hoping that the lolly would be filled with melted caramel, or perhaps something crunchy, but it was just one sticky sugar lump from ear to toe. And that wondrous experience of chocolate melting in your mouth? Didn't happen - I had to keep chewing. The best part of the "show" was definitely before it had even started.

Belinda Ng