John Anthony review: Modern Cantonese grill and dim sum in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

  • Stylish decor and Instagram-worthy presentation are part of the charm at this popular restaurant in Lee Gardens Three
Kelly Fung |

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John Anthony restaurant serves up Cantonese grill-roasted meats and handmade dim-sum.

John Anthony
Shop B01-B10, B1/F, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road
Causeway Bay

Tel: 2898 3788

Grub: Cantonese grill-roasted meats and handmade dim sum

Vibes: A place of culinary innovation, tradition and aesthetics, just like the dishes it offers. At first glance it doesn’t look like a restaurant that serves Canto cuisine, especially with its Western name.

The stylish staircase that takes you down to the seating area is the perfect spot for your next Instagram post and makes you anticipate your meal even more. The spacious interior has a very modern colour palette, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice a lot of traditional Chinese elements in the design of the different rooms. A rusty folding gate has been made rose gold and the reclaimed terracotta from old Chinese village houses was used to tile the floor. Also, a lot of the decor is made of eco-friendly material to promote sustainability.

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Who to bring: You may want to bring a group of friends or family so you can try more of their dishes, which are great for sharing. It’s not somewhere anyone could really afford to go to each week, but it’s a great option to celebrate a birthday or Christmas dinner.

The tea smoked crispy chicken is on of John Anthony's specialities.
Photo: Kelly Fung/SCMP

What’s hot: John Anthony draws flavours from all around the world in its dishes, while remaining Cantonese at heart. Each of the dishes give a refreshing take on classic Cantonese fare.

A must-order is the tea smoked crispy chicken. It comes in a glass cloche that holds the smoke used to infuse the succulent meat and is similar to Cantonese fried chicken, but is more delicate and not as greasy.

The tea smoke really enhances the flavour of the meat, and we couldn’t get enough of the crispy chicken skin.

Fried home-made tofu with bamboo charcoal is a must-try at John Anthony.
Photo: Kelly Fung/SCMP

Another good one to try is the fried home-made tofu in bamboo charcoal powder and golden garlic, It’s worth a try if you like food with charcoal elements and are craving the Canto dish of fried salt and pepper tofu. The black garlicky exterior is packed with charcoal and garlic goodness and is not oily at all.

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What’s not: Most of the portions are small, especially for the price. Also, some of the signature dishes require pre-ordering at least one day in advance, so you might not be able to try out some dishes if you didn’t plan ahead.

People who are vegetarian and vegan might not find many options here.

Cost: Spending per head is around HK$200-400. Main courses cost between HK$125 to HK$1,480.