Yum: review of The Brew Job Coffee

By Lucy Christie
By Lucy Christie |

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A cup of these specialty coffees is bound to wake you up in the morning

The Brew Job Coffee

36-46 Hoi King Street
Tai Kok Tsui

Grub: New York bagels

Vibe: This is a tiny place, with industrial-style decor. Think concrete floors, exposed brick walls, lots of metal and rubbed down wood. Very urban chic.

There are power sockets at most of the seats, and even a tiny book shelf so you can relax and enjoy a good book with your coffee. There's the regular coffee shop magazine stack, but also a tablet with Wi-fi for customer use - the trusting nature of this gesture sends a strong community vibe. 

Who to take: Coffee aficionados. This place is only about a month old, but the message is firmly established: their passion is freshly roasted artisanal coffee.

What's hot: The owner is very involved with the day-to-day running of the shop, and takes pride in what he does. There is a huge, old school coffee machine at the door - a great centrepiece. 

A functioning La Marzocco coffee machine takes over the small counter, and its product is delicious. For anyone who wants to learn about specialist coffees or understand the basics - like the difference between a flat white and an espresso - this is the place to go. 

Besides a handy wall chart, the friendly staff are knowledgeable about the different types of coffee, the methods for making it, and the huge variety of flavours and beans. 

Photo: Lucy Christie/SCMP

As for the food, the New York-style bagels are delicious. The smoked salmon, dill, capers, cream cheese and lemon one was light and refreshing, and the beef pastrami one with cream cheese and mustard offered a meatier alternative. 

We didn't try any desserts, but the selection included croissants, cheesecakes and even Belgian waffles with ice cream.

What's not: The savoury food menu is really tiny. There are only three bagel options, and while they are all delicious, more options are needed. However, as they pride themselves on being a specialist coffee shop, this can't really be held against them.

Cost: Bagels, HK$60 each. You can add a coffee for HK$12. Belgian waffles with ice cream are HK$48, HK$68 with an espresso. Individual coffees range from HK$28 to HK$43, but prices vary with the "guest bean".