Yum: review of 3rd Space

By Jocelyn Wong
By Jocelyn Wong |

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Earl-grey pancakes topped with fruit and honey.

3rd Space

Shop 22A, Po Hing Fong
Sheung Wan

Grub: Brunch and desserts

Vibe: This is a really intimate space (the indoor bit only seats four people) in Sheung Wan's trendy Po Hing Fong area. It has a very laidback, Sunday-chic vibe: think bare white walls and cushion-covered outdoor benches. 

 While it's probably not the best place to gather with a big group of friends or to do your Sunday Sudoku in due to its limited space and capacity, it is the perfect setting for Sunday brunch with your bestie or significant other. 

Who to take: Your hipster/ foodie friend who will instagram and Snapchat the living daylights out of this place. In fact, a fun twist of the menu is that it's embellished with instagram pics that their loyal customers take of their beautifully crafted dishes. 

What's hot: The way food is presented will make you the envy of every foodie-IGer/blogger not in Hong Kong. From hotcakes and decadent brownies to omelettes, the menu will leave you drooling and wanting more even after the top buttons pop on your jeans. 

The most popular dish - deservedly so - is the Earl Grey Pancake with your choice of three toppings (we went with berries, bananas and honey). There is also a monthly pancake special - this month's is banana and peanut butter drizzled with condensed milk. The pancakes are perfectly fluffy and deliciously rich. 

To top things off, try the iced chocolate. If yo'ure anything like us, it will overwhelm all your senses.

Pancake special of the month: peanut butter and bananas with condensed milk drizzled on top. Photo: Jocelyn Wong/ SCMP


What's not: While 3rd Space does offer a nice selection of desserts and sweet drinks, the menu is quite limited in the savoury department. The only things they offer are salads and sandwiches. Luckily, they do these so well it makes up for the lack of variety. 

It's not the easiest place to find. It requires some serious GPS assistance if you're walking - so don't try to find it when you're already starving - or a HK$25 taxi ride from Central MTR. 

Cost: Pancakes range from HK$80 to HK$108. The perfect complement to these fluffy masterpieces is a cuppa - they have a range of fruity flavours, as well as Earl Grey. Teas and coffees are HK$35-HK$46. Iced chocolate is HK$45.