Yum: review of Double D's

By Lucy Christie
By Lucy Christie |

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Double D's

22 Wellington Street
Tel: 2881 1888

Grub: Burgers, fries and shakes.

Vibe: Burgers aside, people have been flocking here just to see what the waitresses at this controversial spot are wearing, but the uniform is surprisingly demure: modest khaki shorts and a white staff T-shirt. Despite all the hype regarding the questionable job ads which supposedly objectified women, and rumours that the waitresses would be scantily clad, Double D's is pretty much the same tiny space, same bar stool seating arrangement, same loud music and same hipster crowd as every other burger joint that's opened up recently in Hong Kong. 

Almost a "poutine"-inspired mess of fries. Photo: Lucy Christie/SCMP

Who to bring: People you are comfortable with. Firstly, because the burgers are gloriously messy and there really is no way to eat them without setting your inner caveman free, and secondly because the music is pretty loud, so it's a good place to laugh and be silly with your friends, but not ideal for a romantic first date.

What's hot: The fully loaded fries are really, well, fully loaded. They come with three types of melted cheese, gravy, sour cream, onions, sliced jalapenos and bacon bits, and although that sounds like a combination that's doomed for disaster, they are surprisingly delectable. This might be to do with the way they layer the ingredients; gravy on the bottom, cheese in the middle, sour cream on the top. Whatever it is, it works.

What's not: There aren't really enough seats here, and the tables are arranged in such a way that you can only have a maximum of four people at a table, which is a bit of a bummer if you want to go in a big group.

Cost: A single D (a single beef patty) costs HK$80, while a double D (two beef patties) costs HK$120. Simply fries are HK30, cheesy fries are HK$38, and fully loaded fries are HK$58. The fish burger is HK$90 and the chicken burger is HK$80. Vanilla or chocolate shakes are HK$38, and you can add Oreo, Snickers or salty caramel for HK$9. Soft drinks are HK$28. Donut bites with warm salted caramel are HK$38.