Yum: review of Sweetology

By Jocelyn Wong
By Jocelyn Wong |

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Shop UG-22, Level UG, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong
Tel: 2191 0307

Grub: Western/ dessert shop

Vibe: Located in the heart of the famous Kowloon Tong mall, this shabby-chic restaurant is the definition of busy. People zip in and out of the place like businessmen in Central, inhaling mouthfuls of spaghetti and waffles.

Who to take: Food bloggers and the like. People who are drawn to beautiful and creative food presentation will enjoy this place thoroughly. A word of caution: only take one or two people each visit. The tables in the restaurant are so small that only two plates can fit. 

What's hot: The presentation makes the wonderfully decadent desserts absolutely Instagram-worthy. From heart-shaped pancakes to "waffle-flowers", the menu is filled with photo-ready dishes that seem too good to eat.

You won't want to ruin the perfect symmetry of their carefully-crafted treats, which are all embellished with a mountain of cream, nuts or herbs.

Honey toast box dripping in decadence. Photo: Jocelyn Wong/SCMP


What's not: The place is packed. All. The. Time. Instead of being a place to relax on a lazy afternoon, the allotted 90-minute time slot means you're left shovelling food down to make sure you're not kicked out mid-bite.

This is even more of a problem because the service operates at a snail's pace. While this is understandable due to such limited kitchen space and the restaurant's popularity, with such time pressure, food should fly out.

Cost: The afternoon set menu is priced at HK$88 with a starter, snack, salad, pasta, and coffee or tea. Their breakfasts come in at a very fair HK$38-HK$45, including coffee or tea. Items on the dessert menu are HK$40-HK$78, with their wildly popular waffles and honey toast box costing HK$68-HK$78.