Vegan, veggie and organic choices for all in Hong Kong's OvoCafe

By YP cadet Nicole Tsung

We find Hong Kong’s hottest eats ‘n’ treats

By YP cadet Nicole Tsung |

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The Unguilty Pleasure; we'll take two, thanks


Shop 1, Nan Fung Place,
173 Des Voeux Road C,
Tel: 2527 6077

Grub: Western food, with a focus on vegan, vegetarian, and organic meals.

Vibe: The large windows and spacious set-up makes the cafe bright and comfortable. You can tell there's a health-conscious theme because of all the greenery everywhere..

Who to take: Perfect for a family gathering, or anyone who wants a healthier version of traditional western foods.

The Choconana looks devilish, tastes heavenly AND is good for you
Photo: YP cadet Nicole Tsung

What's Hot: The Choconana is a dairy-free and caffeine-free alternative to the traditional chocolate milkshake, but it surpasses it both in taste and texture. The sprinkling of crushed almonds adds an interesting crunch, and as it's high in protein, it's a guilt-free, energising indulgence.

For starters, try the unguilty pleasure - it's a bit like a plate of nachos, but better. While the guacamole and BBQ sauce you'd expect from regular nachos are present, the traditional tortilla chips are replaced by fries, and you can get vegan cheese as a substitute for cream cheese (you won't taste the difference!). Unlike most food restaurants, the fries weren't greasy, making the dish a perfect munch before your main meal.

Slim Power is a delicious main. Kelp noodles are used instead of heavy white pasta, filling you up without leaving you bloated. These unusual noodles are also delightfully chewy.

Another plus is that Greencommon, a health foods supermarket, collaborates with OVOCafe, making the eatery a one-stop shop for health food lovers.

The Unguilty Pleasure; we'll take two, thanks
Photo: YP cadet Nicole Tsung

The best thing about OvoCafe is the customer service, which is truly excellent. Staff are well informed and willing to accommodate any specific dietary needs. Some of the staff members that really knew their stuff even made suggestions as to what would be best suited to our respective, particular dietary requirements.

What's Not: Portion sizes are slightly disappointing considering the prices; the Choconana disappeared after a mere few sips. Also, several options were out of stock, which defeated the point of the diverse menu.

Despite the word "cafe" in the name, this is more of a brunch spot, and while many aspects give the impression this is a strictly a vegetarian restaurant, there are many non-veg options. So if you're strictly vegetarian or vegan, read the menu carefully and ask if you're not sure.

Cost: Starters are HK$48-HK$88, mains run from HK$88 to HK$118, drinks are HK$46-HK$58 and desserts are HK$45-HK$65.