Travel hacks: 11 helpful ways to stay organised and stress-free on the move

Written by Heidi Yeung

Going on holiday? Travel smart with the YP team's sneaky tricks and handy know-hows

Written by Heidi Yeung |

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Going on holiday is heaps of fun, especially when it involves bonding with loved ones, exploring new places, seeing the world's sights, and making unforgettable memories.

On the other hand, travelling can also come with a lot of stress and opportunities for things to go wrong.

To make sure your next trip is as fun and stress-free as possible, here are 11 tips every savvy traveller should know:

1. Copy that!

When you're abroad, you have to carry your passport with you wherever you go, but that means risking losing it or having it stolen. So, make photocopies of your HKID, passport (the page with your photo and information on it and the page your visa is on), and your flight and hotel booking information. Store your photocopies in your carry-on, but not in the same place as your real documents. And lock them in the hotel safe when you arrive.

2. Just how we roll

Rolling up your clothes takes up less room than folding, and prevents creasing. If something gets dirty, hand-wash it and hang it overnight where the air con is the strongest; it should dry by morning.

3. Zip it up

Pack plenty of big Ziploc bags. They're great for holding wires, chargers - anything you want to stop tangling. Also useful for clothing that isn't quite dry, or your dirty laundry!

"Put all your inflight essentials [passport, book, headphones, etc] into a giant Ziploc bag," says deputy editor Karly Cox, and pack it last so it's at the top of your carry-on bag.

Once you've boarded, the Ziploc bag can go in the seat pocket.

4. Started at the bottom

Pack your shoes in a small bag at the bottom of your suitcase near the wheels. That way they won't squish anything, and your other things won't get dirty.

5. Fully supportive

Get a good neck pillow. You don't want to wake up with a stiff neck from sleeping in an awkward position. They're also great to have around in case the pillows at your hotel aren't plump enough.

6. Don't run away from home

Don't accidentally use roaming data while you're away; set an alarm to switch off your data for when you land at your destination. Just make sure you remember to factor in any time difference so you don't miss it.

7. Refuel, refresh

Drink plenty of water on the plane. The dry air and cabin pressure quickly dehydrate you.

If you don't keep hydrated, you'll land feeling ill and groggy. Editor Susan Ramsay's favourite in-flight drink is tomato juice with a touch of salt, which might be the tastiest thing you have all flight.

8. Old-school GPS

As soon as you get to your hotel room, grab a match box or anything with the hotel name and address on it, and keep it in the bag you'll be using while out and about. If you get lost, you can show the taxi driver that matchbox instead of trying to explain where you need to go.

9. So fresh, so clean

Use the hotel's mini toiletries your first night, then hide them when you head out for the day. Housekeeping will give you new ones, which you can tuck away and just keep using the ones you started using on your first day!

Also, if you have toiletries at home that are almost used up, don't finish them or throw them away yet, says sub editor Sam Gusway. "Put it in a toiletries bag for your next trip", and just throw them out at the end of your trip so they won't take up space in your luggage on your flight home. Hey, that space is meant for souvenirs!

10. Truly universal

Forgot your phone charger's plug? "Charge your device through the USB port at the back of the TV," says sub editor Lucy Christie.

11. Race to the base

Family members or friends will want to do different things at some point during your trip. When you arrive at a location, pick out a landmark and set a time for meeting back there so everyone can go off and do what they want.

Also, set that landmark as the spot to go if you get lost, so you'll know where to check first if someone goes missing.

Now you know the hacks, bon voyage and have a great trip!

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