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From an attack on an MTR train to HKDSE exams, these are the top 10 most-read news stories of Young Post in 2017

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From an attack on an MTR train to HKDSE exams, these are the top 10 most-read news stories of Young Post in 2017. Which one is the most interesting to you?

2017’s HKDSE English Language exam an assessment of how much you cared

This year’s HKDSE English Language exam placed emphasis on the understanding of interpersonal relationships by students.

Hong Kong MTR fire bombing

At 19:14 on February 10th, a man used a petrol bomb on a MTR train on the Tsuen Wan line near Tsim Sha Tsui station, injuring at least 17.

Hong Kong democracy activist in custody, police search home after ‘false’ kidnap claim

Howard Lam was allegedly taken in Mong Kok by suspected mainland law enforcement agents and beaten. Police believed he had given officers false information.

A much harder HKDSE chemistry exam this year than in previous years

This year’s DSE chemistry exam was much harder than last year’s, with new question types and a difficult Paper Two to tackle.

Island School bus drama as students left waiting for more than one hour

The school had a big traffic problem as only a limited number of buses were allowed to park nearby, which caused a traffic jam for several hours. A meeting was held, in an attempt to please all parties.

This year’s HKDSE maths paper bore a striking similarity to last year’s exam

The 2017 DSE maths exam was not that much different to last year’s and was, other than a few sections in Paper Two, relatively straightforward.

Ed Sheeran will be in Hong Kong for not one, but TWO gigs in November!

Everyone's favourite redheaded musician Ed Sheeran added Hong Kong to his Asia tour, before he had to cancel the stop due to an injury later on.

Have you replaced your Octopus card?

Hong Kong’s new-generation Octopus cards will replace older versions, which have been used to make electronic payments for the past 20 years.

Justin Bieber posts apology letter to fans on Instagram after cancelling Purpose tour

After abruptly cancelling the last 14 dates of his world tour, which included a show in Hong Kong, Justin Bieber told fans he had sometimes let his “insecurities get the best of me”.

How one Maryknoll Convent School security guard's random act of kindness helped a HKDSE student complete his exam

A school security guard has become a hero, after giving a DSE candidate HK$100 to take a taxi to the right exam centre.

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