What's happening in this picture? [April 6, 2020 answers]

Can you guess what's happening in this news photo?

Discuss the picture with your friends and see if you can figure it out.

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Were you able to figure out what this picture represents?

There’s a new expression around the world these days – social distancing. It’s not something that is always possible in Hong Kong, but it has become the new virus catchphrase. It means that people should no longer shake hands, hug, kiss or otherwise touch each other as a form of greeting. It also means that people should remain a certain distance apart when they interact with each other.

One of the extreme versions of this social distancing is the WFH (Work From Home) routine many companies are using to keep their staff isolated and to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

But not many people can work from home, especially those such as taxi drivers, shop assistants, doctors or dentists.

With more than one million people infected with the coronavirus, world leaders say it is a catastrophe on the scale of the second world war. But in Hong Kong, things are still good. As of Friday, only four people had died, even though the number of people infected had risen to just under 1,000.

Over the weekend, many Hongkongers were unable to go to the mainland for Ching Ming, to sweep their family’s tombs. Shops selling paper goods which are usually burned as offerings said they had seen a big drop in business.

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