Coronavirus: musical artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore put on YouTube concert to raise funds for Covid-19 relief

  • The two-day event will be streamed on social media starting from Saturday
  • Acts include mainland Chinese rapper Bohan Phoenix and pop star Tabitha Nauser
Rhea Mogul |

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Sure, you can't go to a festival in person, but you can watch one on Youtube and support Covid-19 relief efforts.

Music artists from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China are coming together to perform in a digital music festival to raise funds for Covid-19 relief efforts.

The two-day event will be streamed on YouTube on Saturday, May 23, and Sunday, May 24. It features artists like rapper Bohan Phoenix from mainland China, pop singer Tabitha Nauser from Singapore, and rapper Dough-Boy, from Hong Kong.

Local independent music promoter Gluestick has partnered with NGO HandsOn Hong Kong for the event. Money raised will go directly to the NGO for the various initiatives they are involved in.

The artists will also take part in a Q&A session on Instagram live shortly after.

Money can be donated here, and the event will be streamed live here.