Mother in China selling hugs to fund leukaemia treatment for her daughter

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Chen Dejuan offers hugs for 10 yuan outside a subway station in Chingqing.

A mother is trying to “sell hugs” for money to pay for medical treatment for her daughter, who has leukaemia, reports news portal

The 28-year-old woman, Chen Dejuan, was standing outside a subway station with her four-year-old daughter Nana on Friday and Saturday holding a paper sign that read: “Selling hugs, 10 yuan each”.

Chen showed her identity card and other documentation to passers-by who stopped, hoping to convince them her story was true.

Chen, who is from Guangdong, and her locally born husband were working in Shandong  province in May when they found out that the girl had leukaemia, the report said.

The couple had spent 70,000 yuan, which included all their savings and money borrowed from friends and relatives, on the girl’s medical treatment over the past few months.

Chen earned more than 600 yuan in a little over an hour on the first day, with some internet users donating money online after reading about her plight online.

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