Where to recycle mooncake boxes after Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

We all know how bad the landfill situation is in Hong Kong, so it's good to know what steps we can take to ease the problem

Wong Tsui-kai |

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The recycling of metal mooncake boxes are something that has been going on in Hong Kong for many years.

Mid-Autumn Festival (aka Mooncake Day) is this week, and while loads of families buy the eggy treats for moongazing, these days we know that the tins they come in are not great for the environment.

In 2014, a scheme set up by the Housing Authority collected more than 54,000 boxes weighing a total of 16 tonnes. 

The Moon Cake Box Recycling scheme is continuing this year at all housing estates under the authoritys management until the end of October. 

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Maxim’s and Swire Properties are also working together on Project Green Moon – Mooncake Boxes Collection to collect boxes at malls run by Swire, including Cityplaza and Pacific Place, with box collection ending on September 27.

Delifrance is also collecting tins. They are offering HK$50 coupons for the boxes, which will be collected on certain Mondays between September 16 to October 28 at their cafes. 

Meanwhile, cosmetics brand Lush is offering to collect your tins, and give you a gift for your effort! For every five metal tins you bring to any store in Hong Kong or Macau between September 14 and 17, you’ll receive a facial soap (while stocks last).

We wish you all a happy, green Mid-Autumn!