World needs wealth balance

By Max Low, International Christian School
By Max Low, International Christian School |

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People are, by nature, greedy and selfish, and as a result, there is an inequality in the distribution of wealth. In the modern age, with our advanced technology and ample exploitation of natural resources, we should feel no need for greed, or the feeling of "grabbing as much as you can get".

Just as people at a buffet are expected to take only as much food as they can eat, wealth in a society should be divided so that everyone has enough for a comfortable life. But a surplus of resources often amounts to waste, like the food on a plate.

Many people in the United States are not happy with the wealth gap, and they've displayed their feelings with the Occupy (Wall Street) movement

Wealth redistribution supports the ideal notion of fairness in society. I acknowledge that some ideas for the redistribution of wealth may overlook factors such as differing levels of talent, skill, and hard work, but what about the CEO who earns 380 times more than the average worker at the company? Surely they are not 380 times more intelligent.

The world needs wealth redistribution to give the poor - who often work the hardest in a society - a chance to succeed in life.