Forget #dressgate and the Yanny/Laurel debate, the latest argument on Twitter is over the real colour of a trainer

The internet is torn over whether the lace-up sneaker is rose or teal; what do you see when you look at #theshoe?

Karly Cox |

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Grey and green or pink and white?

First there was The Dress - was it black and blue, or white and gold? We were baffled by The Brick Wall Illusion. Then we had the whole Yanny/Laurel debate. And now, it appears there is another issue set to divide the internet: The Sneaker.

Appearing all over Twitter and Facebook, the sports shoe appears to some people as mint green and grey, while others see pink and white. 



The image was posted as early as October 2017, but is making waves again, with netizens unable to come to a consensus on the shoe’s real colour.

A quick poll of the Young Post team revealed every member except one saw green and grey.

What do you see?