Let's do the zombie walk

Susan Ramsay

The living dead have never been more popular. Why, they even have their own candidate for the US presidential election

Susan Ramsay |

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Vampires and werewolves are so five minutes ago. Zombies are all the rage these days, especially with the popularity of AMC's series The Walking Dead. The series is in its second season. Related video games and movies are also hot.

The series is based on an American comic book by Robert Kirkman. The story is about a little band of human survivors who do all they can to say alive after a zombie apocalypse.

The current US presidential race has provided the show's producers with a golden PR opportunity to field their own candidate. Last Monday, fans wearing make-up gathered in San Diego for a rally of America's first undead presidential candidate, A Zombie, and his wife, Patty Morgan-Zombie. A cute First Couple they would make, no doubt.

But it's not only in the US that the living dead are very popular. Zombie walks and zombie parties are catching on worldwide. Mexico seems to have the upper hand when it comes to the coolest costumes. Then again, there's that zipper zombie in Prague to write home about.

Check out the get-ups below and let us know which one you think is the scariest by voting.

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