Extinction Rebellion protests cause disruptions in London, New York and more as group demands tougher climate action

Agence France-Presse

The group, backed by activists like Greta Thunberg, want world governments to declare a climate emergency

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A protester waves an Extinction Rebellion flag in front of Britain's Parliament in London.

Police in the British capital began clearing protesters from the climate group Extinction Rebellion from the city centre on Tuesday.

They arrested 541 protesters, who had blocked roads and buildings, and told them they can only gather at London landmark Trafalgar Square. Police said the protests were causing “serious disruption” to Londoners.

Some protesters refused to move, instead lying in the roads.

“They have trashed some of the tents. But the mood is upbeat,” one female protester said.

Extinction Rebellion protesters gathered near famous landmarks in city centres around the world, including Trafalgar Square in London.
Photo: AFP

Demonstrations took place in 60 cities around the world this week, with thousands taking to the streets of Sydney, Mumbai, Paris, Vienna, Madrid, and Buenos Aires.

In the Australian city of Brisbane, a protester suspended himself from a bridge on a rope. The man said he was an experienced rock climber and had enough supplies to stay there for days. However, he came down voluntarily after Brisbane police said they would launch a rescue mission.

They are part of a global rising led by climate group Extinction Rebellion, first formed in Britain last year. Extinction Rebellion is demanding that governments drastically cut carbon emissions.

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They are backed by many climate experts and activists, including Swedish teen Greta Thunberg.

The movement is partially credited with pushing the British government in June to become the first in the European Union to commit to zero harmful emissions by 2050.

Extinction Rebellion is demanding governments reach that target by 202.