National Zoo in the US names baby porcupine Quilliam following Twitter poll

YP Staff

The zoo said they like to name animals within two months of their birth because it helps them in their training

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A baby porcupine - called a porcupette - born two months ago at the National Zoo in Northwest Washington, the US, has a new name following an online vote - Quilliam.

Quilliam received 43 per cent of the votes, while Prickles came in second with 27 per cent. Quillson followed with 18 per cent of the votes, while Gonzo rounded out the bottom with 12 per cent. The zoo said that write-ins were not allowed, and that Quilly McQuillface was not an option. The porcupette's father is named Quillber, and its mother is Beatrix.

On its Twitter account, the zoo said that trainers like to use a porcupette's name for training purposes. 

It also said that porcupine noses feel like marshmallows.