Robert Downey Jr’s US$325,000 Iron Man suit has been stolen

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The Iron Man suit from the 2008 original has gone missing!

Call in The Avengers – someone has stolen Iron Man’s suit.

Los Angeles police said the gold and red suit worn by Robert Downey Jnr in the original 2008 superhero smash hit was reported missing on Tuesday from a storage facility.

Officer Christopher No said the owners of the warehouse believe the iconic costume, valued at US$325,000, vanished between February and April 25 from the prop storage warehouse in Pacoima, located north of downtown Los Angeles.

No said the “unusual” theft was considered high priority, and detectives so far had no leads in the case.

Junior reporter, 18-year-old Suleman Siddiqui of CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School has a theory: "Elon Musk stole it so that he can modify it and become the real life Iron Man! He will use his powers to fight climate change, and fix the Tesla factory," Suleman suggested.