K-pop stars BTS give graduation speech in YouTube's 'Dear Class of 2020'

  • The virtual celebration also featured Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Lizzo and more
  • High school graduation ceremonies have been cancelled because of Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions
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BTS gave a speech and performed for the YouTube 'Dear Class of 2020" event, along with stars like Taylor Swift, Lizzo and Beyonce. Photo: AP

K-pop group BTS gave the closing speech ― and performed ― as part of YouTube's virtual graduation ceremony “Dear Class of 2020.”

Starting with the group's leader RM, each member ― Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook ― shared their graduation memories and messages of encouragement with the graduates.

“Dear Class of 2020, it's been a strange year so far, but you made it,” RM said. “Today, we might not have flowers, and we might not have graduation caps. What we do have is possibly the most special graduation ceremony in history.”

Recalling his middle school graduation day, he shared his moments of excitement and the unsettled feeling about the next phase in life.

“The fear of an obscure future as our daily lives turn upside down is a moment of realisation of the self, the realisation of what makes me a true me, myself,” he said.

Jin talked about his high school graduation and what it was like to step into the real world with such uncertainty.

Referring to the time before he made his debut as part of BTS, he said, “I'd feel restless watching my friends go on ahead of me."

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“What held me together during those times was a promise I made with myself: 'to take it slow.' If any of you feel lost in the face of doubt or uncertainty, don't rush … You may find that any moment can be turned into an opportunity.”

Suga, unlike other members, shared his concerns these days, expressing that he felt as if he was “deserted on an island.”

He said he sympathises with the new graduates and said, “But I wish to tell you: Please don't be afraid, don't worry yourself.”

“Get your hands on the changes you can make, because your possibilities are limitless. After all, I also had no idea I would become BTS either,” he said with a big smile.

Along with the powerful speech, the septet performed three of its hit songs ― Boy with Luv, Spring Day and Mikrokosmos ― as a finale to the virtual graduation ceremony.

The all-star commencement event, organised by YouTube Originals, intends to celebrate graduates and their families affected by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The four-hour event included various celebrities and public figures, including former president Barack Obama, singers Beyonce and Taylor Swift, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

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