This viral Reddit photo of a hidden dog is the new #shoegate

  • The optical illusion is making the rounds on social media, reminding some of the brick wall illusion
  • During the coronavirus lockdown, similar photos have been shared on Twitter hashtagged #findthefeline
Karly Cox |

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This may look just like an unmade bed, but it's far cuter than that.

This weekend witnessed the birth of the latest viral visual trick – and this one focuses on a very Good Boy. Following in the footsteps of #thedress (blue and black forever!) and #shoegate, a recent Reddit post has got people talking about what they can really see in a photograph.

User shetarp429 posted this photo on Friday on the r/aww subreddit, a channel dedicated to cute pictures and videos. It shows a messy, unmade bed, on which the owner says their pet beagle is lying. But like the casual viewer, the owner couldn’t find her doggo for ages!

Once you see this optical illusion for what it really is, you can’t unsee it

So, can you spot the dog?

Fellow Redditors took to the comments, with many commenting that they wanted to boop the pup’s snoot.

It’s not just sneaky pooches who have been making waves on social media. Posts of a similarly “Where’s Wally” nature have been trending on Twitter, under the hashtag #findthefeline:


In case you need a little helpThere he is, the good, good boy!