The BTS and ‘Among Us’ crossover you didn’t need, yet here we are

  • A chicken nugget from the K-pop band’s special-edition meal is up for sale on eBay – and people are getting serious about wanting to buy it
  • The social media accounts behind the popular video game are keeping an eye on the bidding war, and writing a very entertaining Twitter thread
Amalissa Hall |

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You could buy a car, or three years university in Hong Kong for that price! Photo: Twitter/Among Us

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets usually come in four shapes, the bell, ball, bone and boot. But now there’s an accidental fifth – the imposter?

This chicken nugget, that appears to resemble a character from the hugely popular video game Among Us , was found in a McDonald’s BTS meal in the US. The owner decided to make a quick buck by posting it onto eBay for 99 cents.

However, in classic internet fashion, the random post blew up. Now if you want to bid on this nugget, you’ll have to cough up almost US$100,000 (HK$776,000).

On Ebay, the Among Us chicken nugget is getting a lot of attention.

The Among Us Twitter account shared the situation and were thoroughly confused about the situation, but it’s clear from tweets throughout the thread they were enjoying the attention.

In response to a future McDonald’s and Among Us collaboration, they only pointed at the fast food chain for comment.

Bidding for the nugget ends at 3.06pm (HKT) today, but because eBay states that bids are legally binding contracts, it seems like someone is actually going to have to pay for what will become the most expensive chicken nugget.

The whole thing is pretty McSus. We wonder what BTS think about it?

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