Hong Kong’s most competitive university degree is in film, animation and media arts

The programme at Baptist University has more that 47 students fighting for a single spot

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Hong Kong's most competitive degree is Baptist University's Bachelor of Communication: Film Major in Animation and Media Arts Concentration.

The most competitive degree that students have applied for this year through Jupas is Baptist University (HKBU)’s Bachelor of Communication: Film Major in Animation and Media Arts Concentration.

Last Wednesday marked the last day that students could update their programme choices on the Joint University Programmes Admissions System. The next time that they are allowed to make changes will be after the release of the HKDSE results, on July 10.

After speaking to all nine institutions taking part in the admission system, Young Post has found out the top degree programmes at each place.

HKBU’s Bachelor of Communication: Film Major in Animation and Media Arts Concentration will only be accepting 14 first-year students, even though 667 students put it as a Band A (top three) choice. This means that, on average, 47.64 students will be fighting for a single spot.

“I think the popularity of the [course] reflects young peoples’ growing interest in filmmaking and creative media,” said Ngai Tsz-kuen, 18, a HKDSE 2019 candidate from the Methodist Church HK Wesley College. “Making films is a common hobby among my friends.”

There have been many applications for the Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Chinese History at the Education University of Hong Kong (EdU), too. A total of 412 students put this course in their top three Jupas choices. There are only 10 spots up for grabs. This means there are 41.20 applicants for every seat.

Even though there are only 45 spots available on Polytechnic University’s Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hotel Management, 1,816 students have marked this course in their Band A. This means there are 40.36 students competing for every place in the programme.

Other competitive subjects included HKBU’s Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Recreation Management, and EdU’s Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Early Childhood Education) where 38.5 and 37.53 students respectively are fighting for every seat.

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