HK students who asked for HKDSE papers to be re-marked get better university offers

A total of 324 students requested that their higher education applications be reconsidered

Joshua Lee |

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Hundreds of students benefited from re-marked HKDSE papers.

A total of 212 students have had their applications for degree and sub-degree programmes adjusted after their HKDSE papers were rechecked.

The Joint University Programmes Admissions System (Jupas) announced the changes on Wednesday.

In total, 324 students requested that their higher education applications be reconsidered, based on the results of their newly re-marked papers.

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Of that number, around 65 per cent of students were able to have their applications changed to a different degree or a better offer. A total of 112 students, or around 35 per cent of requests, saw no change in their higher education applications.

A total of 52 students who originally did not receive any offers during the main round were able to get an offer for a degree programme. This includes 36 students who got offers for degrees at University Grants Committee (UGC) institutions and the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK). That number also includes 16 students who got offers for degrees under the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions.

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Out of the 205 students who received offers during the main round for UGC or OUHK degrees and requested reconsideration, 127 were able to get a better offer, while 75 students were unsuccessful.

Fourteen students who originally received Associate Degree or Higher Diploma offers in the main round were also able to get a place in a degree programme.

Students who received better offers had until yesterday afternoon to confirm their acceptance by logging into their Jupas accounts online.

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