Hong Kong extradition law: Rallies to be held around the world to protest against controversial bill

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More than 25 cities will hold their own demonstrations to show solidarity with the Hong Kong rally

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A rally held in Sydney Australia to protest against the proposed Hong Kong extradition bill.

Protests against the controversial Hong Kong extradition bill will also be held in more than 25 cities around the world today, in countries including the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Australia and the UK. 

The overseas protests are being held to show solidarity with the Hong Kong rally, which is scheduled to start today at 2.30pm at Victoria Park and end at the Legislative Council complex in Admiralty.

A group of ten overseas Chinese groups in North America previously released a joint statement urging the SAR government to withdraw the proposal. “This controversial proposal has raised serious concerns throughout the international community, the citizens of which could be subject to arbitrary arrest while they are in transit, travelling, working and living in Hong Kong,” the statement said.

According to the Anti-Extradition Bill Coalition, four protests will also take place in Taiwan, where 20-year-old Hong Konger Chan Tong-kai allegedly killed his pregnant girlfriend Poon Hiu-wing last year.

Under current laws, Chan cannot be extradited to Taiwan for trial. 

Young Post will be reporting live from the march later today.

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