[Review] Welsh band Bullet For My Valentine show their metal

By Leon Lee
By Leon Lee |

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Bullet for My Valentine rocked Star Hall.

Hong Kong has never been known as a city that appreciates heavy metal. So it's always a treat when a metal band plays a show here, especially one as big as Bullet for My Valentine.

It was obvious that this wasn't an ordinary show. You could feel the anticipation from the long-haired, rock-band-T-shirt-wearing crowd as it waited in Star Hall for the group to appear.

The Welsh band kicked off the night with their newest song, Raising Hell, an energetic opener that was a sign of things to come. The impressive guitar riffs, thumping drums and non-stop headbanging continued into Scream Aim Fire.

Following a short silence with the lights off, the band exploded back on and really turned up the volume for Your Betrayal, as the crowd sang - or should I say screamed - along to the track.

The sound system wasn't working very well, which made it difficult to hear the lyrics sung by lead singer Matthew Tuck. But then again, you don't really listen to metal for the lyrics.

Luckily, the screaming and instruments were unaffected. Speaking of screams, it seemed like bassist Jason James was handling most of the screaming duties instead of Tuck - maybe he was feeling unwell. Regardless, James performed well and really got the fans going.

After these repeated audio attacks, it was a surprise when Tuck began singing The Last Fight with only his guitar and a spotlight accompanying him, as the rest of the band left the stage.

This song is usually very powerful, but it suddenly felt far more emotional. It was a nice change of pace, but eventually the band came back out and played the song in its original format - loud and fast. Not that anybody in the crowd was complaining.

There was plenty of crowd participation throughout the night. On several occasions, Tuck motioned for the crowd to sing bits of their more well-known songs. Although the crowd took a while to warm up, the energy grew as the show went on.

By the time of Waking the Demon, there was a proper mosh pit going, as people let the music take control.

The night was brought to an end with a two-song encore, with the band's biggest hit, Tears Don't Fall, to finish. Hopefully the band will keep their word and come back very soon.