Hong Kong school principals issue statement opposing school strike against extradition law amendments

The school heads reacted in response to online petitions run by local secondary school students gathering support to go on strike tomorrow

Kelly Ho |

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Thousands of protesters marched on Sunday, and many students want to continue to express their objections tomorrow.

The Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary School issued a statement on Tuesday opposing the anti-extradition law school strike on Wednesday. 

Following the mass rally against the proposed extradition law on Sunday, local secondary school students signed new joint online petitions to gather support for a school strike on Wednesday, when the bill is set to undergo its second and third reading in Legislative Council. 

In separate joint statements, students, alumni and teaching staff asked their respective schools to allow students to go on strike on Wednesday, as well as to postpone the school examinations on that day, as most local secondary schools are currently in the middle of end-of-term assessments. 

But according to the statement issued by the school heads, titled “Protect Students’ Well-being”, it was made clear that the association does not support students and teachers using a school strike as a means to voice their opinions. 

“The school is a place for students to learn and grow. Students learn to think carefully and critically and to respect diversity. We do not support students and teachers going on strike to express their demands,” the statement wrote. 

The association also urged the government to call a halt to the legislation, and listen to public opinion to prevent polarisation in society. 

More than 320 secondary school principals in Hong Kong are members of the association.

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