Protesters see pink

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The protest against a youth club's involvement with a local LGBT event shows some parents are out of touch with the modern world

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Around 80 parents attended an anti-homosexual protest at a church in Sai Wan on Sunday, accusing the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong of promoting homosexuality. The parents said the youth group is giving out the message that it is OK to be gay.

The group is helping to organise Pink Dot, an LGBT event to be held at Tamar Park on June 15.

One of the parents, who refused to give her full name, had previously volunteered for the association, but said she would no longer support the association since it is involved with an LGBT event.

"I have written eight letters to try to convince the organisation [not] to be involved with Pink Dot," said the woman, identified only as Mrs Chan. "It really hurt my feelings."

Not all students support the parents' view, making it clear they support both the group and the event.

"The association supporting LGBT rights is not necessarily harmful to children," said Sharon Lee, a Form Six student from St Paul's Convent School.

"[The Pink Dot event can help] LGBT children who are bullied and isolated in school feel more accepted by the general public."

Limbu Laxmi, a Form Six student from Delia Memorial School (Broadway), said the idea that the group is encouraging children to become gay is ridiculous.

"One's sexuality is not something that can be changed," she said.

"In fact, [the parents] should be glad that there is an organisation helping children whose sexual orientation is different from the mainstream."

The association has released a statement saying it takes no stands on issues regarding sexual orientation.

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