Goodbye, with gratitude

By YP cadet Winnie Yip

Some students want to do something nice for their teachers who are moving on. If you're one of them but stuck for an idea, YP cadet Winnie Yip can make a few suggestions

By YP cadet Winnie Yip |

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With the school year coming to an end, it's time to consider what gifts to buy for teachers who are leaving. Sick of giving cards or flowers? No idea what your teacher would like? Good news: we've done the thinking for you.

Here are five ideas that will make your teacher miss you even more. We know teachers read Young Post, so this might spoil the surprise, but take these as suggestions, and make them your own.

1. For form teachers

Gift: Decorated door

Want to see your form teacher dumbstruck when they close the door? Cut up coloured paper and decorate back with a personalised message. Be creative, for your teacher will appreciate all your efforts when they see this fabulous door. You need to be patient, as such a creation is time-consuming and requires teamwork. But it will all be worth is when you see your teacher grin from ear to ear - or maybe even shed a tear.

Source: One Creative Mommy

Price range: about HK$80 (for eight A3 papers)

Where to buy: Stationery shop

2. For hot drink lovers

Gift: Cupman Hold On

If your teacher stays late at school to finish marking, they no doubt take a lot of tea breaks. They probably also forget when they made their hot drink (or cup noodles) and either burn their mouth or let it go cold. This cup changes colour according to temperature; thanks to Cupman, your busy teacher will know when it's OK to drink.

Price: HK$78

Where to buy: Homeless

Address: 29 Gough Street, Central

Tel: 2581 1880 or 2851 1160


3. For the magazine-obsessed

Gift: Foldable Magazine holder with handle (orange/black/white)

Remember the last time your teacher casually mentioned they are fans of National Geographic while leafing through a messy pile of the yellow-edged magazines on their desk? Any avid reader would love this creative magazine holder disguised as a handbag. When you present the gift, see how long it takes them to figure out its real function.

Price: HK$129

Where to buy: C Cube 

Tel: 2180 9576

4. For cat lovers

Gift: Cat carpet

As the term went on, you saw him using a cat phone case, a handkerchief covered in a cat pattern, a cat-shaped USB - all the traits that define a cat lover. If that's the case, a cat-shaped carpet would be a perfect signal to guests visiting the home that a kitty fan - or maybe an actual cat - lives there.

Price: HK$68

Where to buy: Zakka Home

Tel: 6151 6759

5. For long goodbyes

Gift: Gem seal

If your teacher is leaving Hong Kong, this will be a great reminder of our city. Buy a traditional seal, and have your teacher's name carved into it, or customise the seal with a shape that means something special to them. It's worth splitting the cost with a few classmates, as these beautiful pieces aren't cheap.

Price: HK$320 (three Chinese character carvings, one ink paste and gift box included)

Where to buy: Chinese Traditional Seal 

E-mail orders: [email protected]