Helpfulness' limits

By Ariel Conant

Teacher in trouble over practice questions that were similar to those on the exam, writes Ariel Conant

By Ariel Conant |

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A teacher at CCC Kei Chi Secondary School in Kwun Tong is in trouble for giving students practice questions that were too similar to the exam. His Form Three students will have to retake the exam. The teacher says he didn't know the school's rules.

The school says the teacher, whose name was not reported, was just trying to be helpful to his students and made a mistake. But some people are still angry about the issue. Education constituency legislator Ip Kin-yuen thinks that it doesn't matter whether the teacher knew the rules; the teacher should be punished. School director Yu Xuan and the members of the school board have not decided whether to punish the teacher.

Chloe Fung, 17, a student at Canadian International School of Hong Kong, said having the students retake the test is fair, with no need to punish the teacher. But, she added: "It really depends on how similar the questions were to the exam questions."

Sheffield International College student Holiday Chan Wing-yin, 18, says letting exam questions slip out is a practice that she's seen many times, both in Hong Kong and in Britain. But she agrees: "Fairness is always one of the most important principles in education."