Inspirational readers

By Wong Yat-hei

Students who love reading have been rewarded with book vouchers.

By Wong Yat-hei |

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Reading competition winner Michelle Siu is hoping for more music scores in braille.

Avisually impaired girl has been awarded a prize for being a passionate reader.

Book store Popular held a competition called Super Reading Fan to recognise those who love to read. The winners were announced last Thursday.

Each winner, who received book vouchers worth HK$1,000, told their own extraordinary story about reading. Participants wrote an essay about their love for reading, and then shortlisted candidates were invited to attend an interview to talk about their interest.

Form Four student Michelle Siu Hoi-yan lost her eye-sight when she was three months old but was never discouraged from reading. "Reading helps me relax. The knowledge one gains from books is a gift that nobody can take away. I am so happy with the book vouchers. Now I can buy more books, translate them into braille at the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, and help more people gain knowledge."

An outstanding musician, with Level Eight in piano, Michelle said she would love to have more braille music notation. "It is very difficult to get braille music notation in Hong Kong. Because the resources are limited, priority goes to translating textbooks and books into braille. My goal is to be a music teacher and start a foundation to translate music scores," she said.

Another winner, Lyris Wan Yuet-yi, was admitted to hospital last year and missed six months of school. Reading inspirational books helped her fight the illness. "I have always been a passionate reader. I loved reading even more after my teacher lent me an inspirational book when I was in hospital.

The book inspired me to be strong," she said. "I realised that sharing a book with someone can be a life-changing experience.

With the HK$1,000 book voucher, I plan to buy more books that I can share with others."