Hong Kong extradition bill: Police deny rumours of pre-recording July 1 condemnation video and issue clarification

After photos purportedly of a watch showing a much earlier time than the video was said to be filmed, the police chief has refuted the claims

Wong Tsui-kai |

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The Hong Kong police deny they pre-recorded a video condemning protesters for rushing into Legco, and claim screenshots were altered to make it appear they filmed the video earlier in the day.

After the storming of Hong Kong's Legislative Council at around 9pm on July 1, the Hong Kong Police released a video at around 10.20pm, condemning the protesters for rushing into the Legco building.

Soon after the video was released, screenshots surfaced online on platforms including Facebook, Twitter,  and local forum LIHKG showing the speaker, Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung, wearing a watch which showed the time as 5pm, not later as the video’s release time suggests.

The screenshots spawned rumours that the police had filmed the video much earlier, and therefore had let the protesters into the building on purpose.

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Yesterday, RTHK reported that police had denied that the video was prerecorded. At 2am on Wednesday morning, they posted a video to their Facebook page, showing a timeline of the making of the video, and a photo of the watch, along with screenshots from the actual video.

In it, Tse – who was also the speaker in the July 1 video, explains that “The purpose of the [Monday] video was to give a final warning for peaceful protesters to disperse.” He goes on to clarify the timing of the video, in response to the accusations. He describes starting to record the video at 10.02pm, completing the production in 10 minutes, and uploading the video to Facebook at 10.21pm.

He claims the screenshots were altered and the accusations are false. “Using altered photos to malign the police is irresponsible rumour-mongering,” he says in the video.


【澄清謠言】 就有網民對警方前晚 (2019-07-01) 在警隊 Facebook 上載一段短片的失實謠言,警察公共關係科總警司謝振中現作出澄清。 Regarding an untrue rumour spread by netizens about a video posted in HK Police Force Facebook the day before (2019-07-01), Chief Superintendent TSE Chun-chung of Police Public Relations Branch makes a clarification.

香港警察 Hong Kong Police 發佈於 2019年7月2日星期二