“One Country, Two System” rap to celebrate handover anniversary gets mixed reactions

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In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover from Britain to China, Xinhua News Agency released a Cantonese rap song yesterday with “One Country, Two System” as the theme.

The music video has received mixed reactions on Facebook, and to add to that, here's what the YP team thinks:

  • *shocked O-mouth* when I heard "one country two systems".
  • Hmmmmmmm propaganda...
  • The male rapper - who tries to explain "one country two systems" - raps too fast and lacks clarity.
  • This is probably the most old-fashioned rap / music video I've ever heard / seen.
  • I hope the video addresses what needs to be improved for the future of Hong Kong, rather than only magnifying / partially portraying what we already have in Hong Kong.

    Nicola Chan, reporter

  • I have no idea what the rap is about because it's too fast.

    Charlotte Fong, 14, International Christian School

  • I understand some Cantonese but this is too difficult. 
  • I have a feeling that this is China reminding Hong Kong of its position, and that we shouldn't get too big for our pants. It seems almost condescending that they reduced this "lesson" to a rap song so that we would understand their point of view. Or they're just trying to be relatable by making it a rap. That is almost equally annoying. 
  • The song sounds terrible but it's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. 

    ​Julia Kan, 17, Northfield Mount Hermon School

  • Whoever thought this would be a good idea should be fired. Doing nothing would have been better than releasing something like this.
  • Trying too hard to be hip and trendy, but failing miserably.
  • Didn't they realise this would be mocked mercilessly?

    Jamie Lam, content creator
  • A bit too fast for me to understand the Cantonese, and I can’t really read the Chinese subtitles quick enough either.
  • Catchy chorus, interesting graphics, obviously something to do with Hong Kong?

    Malcolm McNicol, 20, Heriot-Watt University

  • All aside, the music is terrible. It sounds AWFUL.

    Young Wang, senior reporter
  • Well the tune is quite nice (especially the chorus), although when the male 'rapper' raps it doesn't really work with the beat of the song and it puts me off a little.
  • I feel like this seems to be some kind of musical explanation to how Hong Kong and the "One Country, Two Systems" thing works, or a sort of celebration of Hong Kong since it mentioned something about a 20th anniversary?
  • I'm mostly guessing at what the video's trying to say with the help of the animations since the rappers speak way too fast.

    Leeann Tong, 16, Sha Tin College
  • It’s confusing. It’s not in traditional Chinese, it's disgusting in its partisan views, it's hilarious in how blatant their lies are, and I feel secondhand shame on its behalf for how boldly it lies and spews propaganda to deceive Hongkongers. This leaves me feeling hopeless the situation will only continue to get worse. It’s like a Skittles pack with all the good flavours taken out. And it’s not worth laughing at.

    Ross Chan, 16 HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai S&P School
  • If Xinhua publishes an article delivering its key messages, no one would read it. But now? Whether you like it or not, you've listened to what it's got to say.

    Tiffany Choi, JR manager
  • ...why is it in simplified Chinese? Isn't this meant for Hong Kong?
  • That's not rapping.
  • I don't understand it and I don't think it's because my Chinese isn't great.
  • I give up.

    Heidi Yeung, web editor

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