HK Post releases new stamps to celebrate Ying Wa College’s 200th anniversary

Ying Wa College commemorates its long history with a specially designed set of stamps

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Past and present school buildings of the College will be shown on the stamp sheet.

A new set of postage stamps will be released on November 9 to celebrate Ying Wa College’s 200th anniversary, the Hongkong Post announced on Thursday.

The boys’ school was founded in the southeast city of Malacca in Malaysia on November 11, 1818. It is, since it was moved to Kowloon in 1843, the oldest surviving school in Hong Kong.

To commemorate the College’s 200th anniversary, Hongkong Post is coming out with a sheet of postage stamps with the theme “Living the Mission, Brave the Course”.

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The school’s past and present buildings will be shown on the stamp sheet. The sheet is also pierced with little holes which form the Chinese word ”, which symbolises 200, to honour the College’s 200-year history.

The College’s founder Reverend Robert Morrison, who was also the first Protestant missionary to the mainland, is featured one of the stamps as well. A missionary is a person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country.

Throughout the years, Ying Wa College has played a vital role in the development of Chinese studies, Chinese translation, Protestant missionary work in the mainland, the Western education model that Hong Kong follows, and the printing and publication of Chinese newspapers and magazines.

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These contributions to society echo both the College’s founding mission to promote growth of both English and Chinese literature, as well as its name Ying Wa, which means “English and Chinese” in Cantonese.

Ying Wa College student Argus Lam, 16, told Young Post that the stamps truly represent the history and values of his school. “I will certainly buy them once they come out,” Argus said.

Official first-day covers will be sold at HK$1.30 each at all post offices from today. The stamps will be available for three months while stocks last.

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