Hong Kong weather forecast predicts temperatures as cold as 12 degrees on Tuesday: HKO


A northeast monsoon will bring cold and dry weather to Hong Kong for the rest of the week

Wong Tsui-kai |

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It's going to get cold, so wrap up.

The weather will grow colder starting on Monday evening, according the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO).

A northeast monsoon that is affecting the coastal areas of Guangdong and the rest of Southern China will bring cold and dry weather, as temperatures around the city on Monday were generally five degrees lower than those of Sunday.

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Temperatures are expected to fall to a low of 12 degrees, and the humidity is expected to drop down to 40 per cent at on Tuesday before gradually rising though the week, with the weather expected to stay dry for the rest of the week. “The weather will be generally fine with relatively large temperature difference between day and night over the region.” said a forecaster on the HKO website.

It will also be windy, with moderate to fresh northerly winds, meaning winds of up to 40 km/h.

HKO Scientific Officer Dr. Law Hiu-fai explains the monsoon is caused by the air over the land of Asia cooling faster than the air over the sea, thus causing a temperature and pressure difference that causes cold air to move from land to ocean. In the case of Hong Kong and Southern China, this leads to a northeast monsoon. He also points out educational resources are available on the HKO website.

"This time, the dry monsoon is affecting Hong Kong and Southern China by bringing cold weather. It will be good weather. The sun will be out as we expect it to be fine and dry." he said. Fine weather meaning even if there is cloud cover, it will be thin enough for the sun get though.