HKDSE 2019: First look at this year’s Liberal Studies Paper 1 exam shows questions about politics, the environment and China’s soft power strategy

The data analysis questions were posted on a student Facebook group shortly after the end of the first session during the break before Paper 2

Wong Tsui-kai |

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This years liberal studies paper required students to analyse the local political camps.

The questions on the Liberal Studies exam Paper 1 were posted on the ‘New School Secrets’ Facebook group shortly after the end of the Paper 1 session this morning.

The three data analysis questions on the paper were about politics, the environment and culture.

The first question presented students with data on the Hong Kong Legislative Council elections and an opinion piece from the news, which also mentioned the law barring the serving Chief Executive from being a member of a political party. Candidates had to show knowledge about Hong Kong's current political landscape, and analyse how being part of a political party may affect the Chief Executive's duties.

The second question gave students information about the income levels and plastic waste import/export figures of various countries. The students had to comment on the trends of processing plastic waste, and also about the pros and cons of banning plastic waste imports in Asian countries.

The third question showed information about student enrollment figures of Chinese Confucian academies overseas. Students had to analyse the data and argue whether drawing more foreign students in to China is more effective at strengthening China’s global influence than establishing Confucian academies overseas.

The Liberal Studies exam is divided into two papers and are being held this morning from 8.30am-12.30pm. Paper 1 was held from 8.30-10.30am and the questions were posted online at 10.49am, during the break candidates have before sitting the second section.

Our analysis of the whole exam will be online this afternoon.

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