Hong Kong Observatory predicts bad weather, rain and storms for Easter weekend

The holiday weekend will be warm and muggy with rain and thunder, according to Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) forecast, which might ruin outdoor egg hunting plans in the city

Wong Tsui-kai |

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This week will be rainy.

The Easter weekend will be warm and muggy with rain and thunder, according to the forecast of the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), which might ruin outdoor egg hunting plans for the city.

The weather bureau expects temperatures to rise steadily, peaking at 30 degrees Celsius on Easter Monday. Rain is also expected from tomorrow, with potential thunderstorms lasting until Saturday due to “the influence of a trough of low pressure”, bringing heavy showers and thunderstorms over southern China as well.

The weather will brighten in the midweek, with sunny intervals on Wednesday because of the trough weakening, but the weather will remain unsettled with showers in the latter part of the week, going back to clouds and showers with thunderstorms until Sunday.

Humidity is forecase to range from 75 per cent to 95 per cent before letting up slightly next Wednesday.

Dr Pan Chi-kin, Acting Senior Scientific Officer at the HKO, says the Easter weekend weather will be unstable, with rain, clouds and thunder, with some improvements at Saturday and Sunday.

Tomorrow will also have heavy rain and thunder, becoming better on Wednesday and going back to poor weather on Thursday afternoon.

The Observatory has predicted normal to above normal trends of temperature and rainfall for Spring (March to May) for this year, due to El Nino, global warming and local urbanisation.

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