‘Career Let’s Go’ job programme launched for Hong Kong secondary school leavers who do not plan to move on to tertiary education

Labour Department offers pre-employment training and career plan for Secondary Six graduates

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The Labour Department’s “Career Let’s go” programme is expected to attract about 26,000 youngsters.

The Labour Department has launched a special programme to meet the pre-employment training and employment needs of Secondary Six graduates this year.

The programme is called “Career Let’s Go” and it will last from May to August. It hopes to provide school leavers with the latest employment information, assistance in coming up with a career plan, and a series of training and employment services.

According to the Labour Department, the programme is expected to attract about 26,000 youngsters.

“The department has identified a large number of job vacancies suitable for secondary school leavers,” said the spokesperson for the department. The vacancies include shop salesperson, security guard, and property consultant.

“They can browse the vacancies on the dedicated webpage of ‘Career Let’s Go’ and make applications according to their personal aspirations,” the spokesperson added. The most sought-after jobs among users have been general office clerk, shop salesperson, and security guard.

Some of the job positions shown on the “Career Let’s Go” webpage include pre-employment training, after which the worker would receive paid, on-the-job training for six to 12 months.

Details about job fairs are on the webpage, too. For example, there are fairs for young people under the Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP) that may be suitable for this year’s graduates. YETP is another platform run by the Labour Department that assists job-hunting and training for school leavers aged 15 to 24 with educational qualifications at sub-degree level or below.

The Labour Department encourages secondary school leavers opting to enter the workforce upon graduation to enrol in the YETP. “The programme is free of charge, and trainees will receive an allowance as well,” the spokesperson said.

Youth Employment Start (YES) is another scheme under the “Career Let’s Go” programme. YES, a government resource centre that provides employment support services to people aged between 15 and 29, will launch a “[email protected]” programme to enhance the job-hunting skills of school leavers and help them learn the meaning of work through a series of courses and dramas.

Edited by M. J. Premaratne

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