Hong Kong protests: Live updates from the MTR disruptions

South China Morning Post and YP staff

Anti-government protesters stop trains from departing in order to cause interruptions in transport network

South China Morning Post and YP staff |

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Protesters started blocking the doors of a subway service from Tiu Keng Leng MTR station shortly before 8am.

People protesting the extradition bill, police violence and the slow police response to the attacks in Yuen Long announced that they would hold a non-cooperative campaign in the MTR on Tuesday morning, blocking the doors at major stations, in addition to causing blockades at roads.

They also passed out flyers announcing a city-wide general strike on August 5th. MTR Corp issued a statement saying that services were disrupted by many incidents involving blockage of train doors and asked passengers to reserve more time for their trip.

Follow our live updates of the protest here:

[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 12.50pm]

Wrapping up our coverage of today's MTR protest, we leave you with quotes from two passengers on the trains this morning, regarding the disruptions:

A 16-year-old passenger surnamed Choi (passenger at Tiu Keng Leng station at 11:39am) said, “I feel like it’d be better if they used another method to express their opinions. I understand that they want to express their disappointments regarding what happened in Yuen Long on July 21, but they might lose the public’s support because of this disruption act.”

A 19-year-old passenger surnamed Chu (passenger at Tiu Keng Leng station at 11:44am) said, “Although some workers may be disrupted on their way to work, this whole thing’s culprit is Carrie Lam. I think the protesters just want the government to respond to their demands directly… If the citizens stay united in all these protests and demonstrations, I feel like there’s still chance for Hongkongers to change the government’s mind.”

[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 12.11pm]


[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 12.02pm]


[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 11.44am]


[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 11.31am]


[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 11.30am]


[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 11.22am]

MTR service update Twitter account announces good service on the Kwun Tong line.

[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 10.55am]

Fortress Hill station appears to be closed.

[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 10.41am]

MTR service update Twitter account announces they have resolved the disruptive passenger event, announces delays on the Island Line.

[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 10.36am]


[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 10.32am]


[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 10.26am]


[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 10.20am]


[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 10.12am]

The MTR service update Twitter account has announced that due to a "disruptive passenger at North Point station," services on the Island Line have been suspended. It advised the public to use other transportation. 

[UPDATE - Tuesday, July 30 - 10.02am]

Major MTR lines, including the Tiu Keng Leng and Tseung Kwan O lines, are facing delays as anti-government protesters prevent trains from leaving by blocking the doors from closing.

Demonstrators stopped a train bound for Whampoa at around 7.50am by standing in groups in between doors. As of 9am, the train still was not moving. Also as of this time, there were no services running between Kwun Tong and Tiu Keng Leng stations, and the MTR announced that travelling time on the Tseung Kwan O line would be increased by about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Meanwhile, on the Island line, trains headed for Chai Wan were changed from five to 20 minutes for each train.