Hong Kong Observatory raises first No. 8 signal of the season, warns of stormy weather

The government advised those with long journeys to make their way home early and to stay indoors.

Nicola Chan |

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Dark clouds moving in above Wan Chai as Hong Kong’s weather forecasters issued the typhoon signal No 1 at 3.40pm on Tuesday.

The Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal was issued at 11.55am, and Tropical Storm No. 8 Wipha was issued at 1.40pm, according to the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) website’s latest news on the tropical cyclone. Meanwhile, the Education Bureau has announced that all school classes are now suspended. 

With Typhoon Signal No. 3 and a Thunderstorming Warning now in force, squally thunderstorms, heavy showers and strengthening local winds are expected this afternoon. 

The government advises citizens with “long or difficult home journeys” or living in “outlying islands” to “begin their journeys now”. 

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The Observatory forecasted that Wipha, which has followed a northerly track over the past few hours, will move closer to the coast of western Guangdong. 

“It will be closest to Hong Kong later today, skirting around 300 kilometres to our southwest,” read the news. 

At around noon, gusts exceeding 110 kilometers per hour were observered at Waglan Island, located in southeast Hong Kong. 

Citizens are also advised not to do water sports and to stay away from the shoreline and low-lying areas, as heavy showers and squalls are hitting the city. 

The Thunderstorm Warning will remain in force until 3pm today.