Hong Kong protests: Live updates from Tseung Kwan O and Island West

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Two anti-extradition bill marches are currently taking place and protesters are demanding the government completely withdraw the bill

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15-year-old Yuen (left) and her friend are joining today’s protest to push for the government to withdraw the extradition law. She started protesting since 12 June because she saw how the police used violence on the protesters in the news.

Today, protests are taking place in both Tseung Kwan O, from Po Tsui Park to Hong Kong Velodrome Park, and Belcher Bay Park in Kennedy Town, as the organisers of the initially proposed Island West march were unable to get a letter of no objection from the police department. The march is Tseung Kwan O was set to begin at 2:30pm, while the gathering in Belcher Bay Park is planned for 5pm.

The protesters have five demands:

  • Withdraw the extradition bill
  • Investigate the alleged Hong Kong Police abuse of power
  • Withdraw charges against protesters
  • Retract the "riot" characterisation of protests
  • Universal suffrage to elect Hong Kong's leaders

Today's marches in Tseung Kwan O are also linked to media neutrality after a local television station was accused of bias. As the turnout in Tseung Kwan O was much higher than expected, organisers had to slightly alter the route.

Tsang, 11, and his dad are here today to support fellow Hongkongers. After seeing police "beating up protersers" the tween said "The disciplined forces are no longer disciplined".
Photo: Doris Wai

Follow our live updates of the two gatherings here:

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 8:40 pm Tseung Kwan O]

Police have released a video on their facebook page in which Superintendent Louis Lau Siu-Pong, introduces their new colour dye, which can be added to peper spray, water or tear gas. They say they have finished testing it and will consider using it if needed. The dye, which they stress is edible, will be used to help officers identify people who were at the scene of an incident. 


Police have warned protesters that they should leave Causeway Bay immediately. Young Post is going to take their advice and hand you on to the adults @SCMPNews


[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 8:30 pm Tseung Kwan O]

Organisers for the rally at Tseung Kwan O say 150,000 people showed up. After the rally a few hundred protesters remained at Tseung Kwan O police station to throw bricks and eggs at it. Police chose not to react until after 6pm when they issued a clearance warning. Protesters heeded the warning and fled.

A body of protesters remained in Tseung Kwan O near Popcorn mall. 

Meanwhile on Hong Kong Island, protesters took the MTR to Causeway Bay where they loudly called for strike action tomorrow. The group occupied Hennessey Road outside Sogo, but allow cars and buses to clear the area first. They claim they will allow trams to run so as not to inconvenience people.

Residents in various areas where police deployed tear gas come down to the street to remonstrate with officers, telling them to leave.

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 7:30 pm Tseung Kwan O]

Protesters at the Belcher Bay Park have left the the designated meeting area and moved to Des Voeux Road West, towards Centra, police say. "They are committing the offence of "Participating in an unauthorized assembly."

Protesters have occupied Praya in Kennedy town, most making their way to the CCP Liaison office nearby.

Riot police are deployed tot he intersection of Des Voeux Road and Water Street. 

Tear gas was deployed at Queens Road West.

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 6:30 pm Tseung Kwan O]

Protesters begin throwing stones at the Tseung Kwan O police station, breaking multiple windows. 

Police issued a warning that they would begin clearing the area soon.

The rest of the march ended peacefully at the Veladrome.

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 6:00 pm Tseung Kwan O]

Hong Kong Velodrome — end point of the Tsueng Kwan O protest. Many are reminding fellow protesters to show up for tomorrow’s strike.
Photo: Doris Wai

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 5:35 pm Kennedy Town]

Protesters gather in Kennedy Town.
Photo: Kelly Fung

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 5:33 pm Kennedy Town]

Angel Ho and her father at the protest.
Photo: Kelly Fung

Angel Ho, 12-years-old and about to start secondary school student in September: “I’m disappointed in the police’s behavior these days, especially when they say swear words and use excessive force.”

Her father, Mr. Ho, aged 58: "I support withdrawing the extradition bill, just as the majority does, and I support establishing an independent commission to investigate whether police have violated any laws in this movement. I generally support the whole movement and I wanna come to the assembly but I’m not [one of] the valiant ones who are on the front lines, as you see I’m taking my daughter here. I want her to feel what’s happening and have independent thinking.”

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 5:07 pm Kennedy Town]

Protesters have peacefully started gathering inside Belcher Bay Park, where police have given approval to hold a rally, but no march. Many are holding signs to encourage the public to strike tomorrow.
Photo: Rhea Mogul

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 5:01 pm Tseung Kwan O]

21-year-old Yu, a volunteer at a water refill station in Hau Tak Estate.
Photo: Doris Wai

21-year-old Yu is one of 10 volunteers manning a water refill station at Hau Tak Estate’s bus stop. Yu lives in Tseung Kwan O and has taken part in the Occupy Central protest in 2014. He decided to come out again today to show support for fellow protestors because of the June 12 incident. Yu says he is disappointed in the government, and like the other protestors, he hopes Carrie Lam will respond to the five demands. Yu also hopes his friends and peers will continue this fight and not give up easily.

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 4:54 pm Kennedy Town]

Scores of protesters have started gathering at Belcher Bay Park in Kennedy Town. A pair of musicians are performing a medley of songs on the flute, including Do You Hear the People Sing? from Les Miserables.

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 4:19 pm Tseung Kwan O]

Graffiti on Po Lam Road North that reads "Liberate HK, it's time for revolution".
Photo: Nicole Moraleda
Entrance of Tsueng Kwan O police station spray-painted with anti-police graffiti.
Photo: Doris Wai

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 4:16 pm West Island]

Shops are closing in Sai Ying Pun. Protesters are set to gather at Belcher Bay Park in Kennedy Town at 5pm, after police didn’t issue a letter of no objection to their original match plan. The site is close to the CCP liaison office. Last Sunday, police fired multiple rounds of tear gas at this location.

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 4:01 pm Tseung Kwan O]

Marchers continue to stream down Po Lam Road North in large numbers.
Photo: Nicole Moraleda

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 3:41 pm Tseung Kwan O]

The march got underway peacefully in a light rain. Protesters had their umbrellas with them. MTR services to Tseung Kwan O, Hang Hau and Po Lam were disrupted. Some protesters are waving USA flags and carrying a banner asking President Trump to liberate Hong Kong. 

The Tseung Kwan O police station closed as marchers swept by.

Kind people in the crowd are handing out frozen Pocari Sweat drinks to journalists. The brand recently gained in popularity after it withdrew its advertising from TVB, in what was seen by protesters as a move against biased reporting.

The crowd cheered and chanted "Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our time" as they march past the Po Lam ambulance depot.


[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 2:32 pm Tseung Kwan O]

A man waves the Hong Kong colonial flag.

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 2:24 pm Tseung Kwan O]

A hoard of protesters in black making their way to Po Tsui Park from Po Lam Station.
Photo: Nicole Moraleda

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 2:11 pm Tseung Kwan O]

11-year-old Chong wants to show his support for Hongkongers and also called for Carrie Lam to respond to the people’s demands. Chong wants the term ‘riot’ to be removed. He also asks protesters not to break into the LegCo.
Photo: Doris Wai

[UPDATE - Sunday, August 4 - 2:01 pm Tseung Kwan O]

Banners being put up at the soccer pitch calling for 1) police to drop charges against protesters, 2) withdrawal of the extradition bill, 3) saying no to biased reporting, 4) recalling the term ‘riot’ and 5) universal suffrage
Photo: Doris Wai