Hong Kong protests: Live updates as protesters disrupt MTR services and prepare for citywide strike

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Protesters on Monday blocked roads and tunnels and disrupted train services to force the government to give in to demands

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MTR chaos as protesters prepare for a citywide strike.

Hong Kong is gearing up for a citywide strike that is estimated to involve about half a million people, following another weekend of clashes between the police and demonstrators. 

Today's strikes could cause severe traffic delays, MTR disruptions, flight cancellations and general commuter chaos, as many plan to block tunnels, MTR lines and besiegie various bus depots. 

Over the weekend, protesters and police officers clashed following demonstrations in Mong Kok, Tsueng Kwan O and Kennedy Town. On Sunday night, protesters attempted the keep the police guessing as they splintered into different districts such as Causeway Bay, Wong Tai Sin, Kwun Tong and Lam Tin. The police fired several rounds of teargas at protesters. 

Protesters’ demands are largely the same as in previous recent rallies, including the full withdrawal of the bill and an inquiry into police actions over the handling of protests.

Follow our live blog for updates of today's events. 

[UPDATE: 5.20pm]

The black flag warning for tear gas has been raised by police outside Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station. 

[UPDATE: 5.05pm]

Tear gas was fired several times in Tai Po Tai Wo Road. 

[UPDATE: 4.56pm]

At a police press conference today, Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung of the police's public relations branch says that more than 1,000 rounds of tear gas have been fired since June 9. Some 420 people have been arrested, 84 of which were today itself. 

[UPDATE: 4.35pm]

According to SCMP, two rounds of tear gas was launched towards crowds in Admiralty by the police. This makes it the fourth location where tear gas has been deployed on Monday alone. 

[UPDATE: 3.55pm]

Argyle Street and Nathan Road in Mong Kok are now occupied by protesters. They are placing barricades in the roads to stop vehicles from passing through.

[UPDATE: 3.45pm]

According to SCMP, riot police have appeared witin the the Central Government Complex and secured its entrances. A handful of staff were seen leaving the building. 

Meanwhile, protesters have occupied Harcourt Road in Admiralty. 

[UPDATE: 3.10pm]

In scenes reminscent from a few weeks ago, Harcourt Road is completely occupied by protesters. 

[UPDATE: 3.06pm]

Protesters in Tsuen Wan are attempting to stop traffic at the crossing of Tai Ho Road and Sha Tsui Road. 

Police have announced that the report room services of the Tsuen Wan Police Station are suspended. 

[UPDATE: 2.24pm]

Temple Mall North, a mall in Wong Tai Sin, is now full of protesters. They're holding banners that read: "anti-extradition" 

[UPDATE: 2.12pm]

Riot police sprayed a round of pepper spray at protesters as they occupied Tin Yiu Road. 

[UPDATE: 1.59pm] 

Students from left: Carmen Lee, 15, and Lucas Cho, 16, are in Wong Tai Sin to show their support. 

“I’m a just a student, I might not be able to do a lot of things, but I can at least go on strike," says Carmen. Both her and Lucas are part of a supplies team that deliver items like water, food and manage its distribuition to protesters on the frontline. 

Lucas says that his family doesn't support him when he has a booth on the streets and it often causes clashes at home. "The students are more aware of what's happening and take action when they see their peers do the same," he says.

[UPDATE: 1.57pm]

Sha Tin rally participants have also gathered inside New Town Plaza. 

[UPDATE: 1.52pm]

Police have made another round of arrests in Tin Shui Wai, after riot police charged into the crowd. A black flag warning has been raised. 

[UPDATE 1.47pm] 

Wong Tai Sin Square is filled with protesters. The public gathering is about to commence soon. 

[UPDATE: 1.37pm]

Tobias Leung, 24, the convenor of Sha Tin Commons and the applicant for the letter of no objection for the Sha Tin rally said the organisers want the rally to be conducted in a peaceful, non-violent and rational manner. He said it is clear that Carrie Lam has not responded to the citizens’ demands. 

“During the press conference she held this morning, Carrie Lam still condemned the protesters and ignored the demands from the general citizens,” he said. 

[UPDATE: 1.32pm]

A video is circulating on Telegram showing riot police making some arrests in Tin Shui Wai. 

Meanwhile, protesters have gathered outside the police station and are now occupying Tin Yiu Road in the area. 

[UPDATE: 1.14pm]

Ceci Lee and her friend, Catherine Tsang, both 16, are in Wong Tai Sin for the rally this afternoon. 

"As the police’s abuse of power is getting serious these days, and the government has never responded to the demands, as a Hong Konger, we should take to the street," says Catherine.

Ceci adds that since it's the summer holidays, it should not be difficult for students to come and "protect our homeland." 

"There are many examinations but only one Hong Kong," she says.

[UPDATE: 1.11pm]

Protesters make their way through Tamar Park, shouting slogans like "Hong Kong people, add oil!' and "There is no riot, only tyranny!"

[UPDATE: 1.04pm]

The MTR has announced that train services are now gradually returning to normal. 

[UPDATE: 12.54pm]

The steps outside Sha Tin City Hall are filled with strikers who are holding signs that read: "Anti-send to China". They are chanting, "add oil Hongkongers!" 

[UPDATE: 12.46pm]

Peaople have started to gather at Tamar Park, another one of the seven spots for today's rally. 

[UPDATE: 12.30pm]

Around 200 people have gathered - and more are trailing in - for the rally in Wong Tai Sin which is set to begin at 1pm. 

[UPDATE: 11.53am]

In a newly circulated video, inventive protesters are continually driving around some roundabouts in the city, launching their 'non-cooperation' movement, which was talked about via Telegram. 

[UPDATE: 11.35am]

Meanwhile, protesters are gathering inside New Town Plaza in Sha Tin, ahead of the seven rallies that will take place across the city at 1pm. 

The rallies will be held at Tamar Park, Mong Kok, Sha Tin, Tuen Mun (starts at 3pm), Tai Po, Tsuen Wan (which did not receive a letter of no objection) and Wong Tai Sin. 

[UPDATE: 11.31am]

Footage has appeared of a car ramming through barricades that were set up by protesters in Yuen Long. At least one man is reported to be injured. 

[UPDATE: 11.23am]

Passengers have been stranded at the airport since early this morning, with many having to make alternative travel plans.

The airport authority says only one runway will operate between midday on Monday and 6am Tuesday, slashing in half the number of flights the airport can handle in an hour. 

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE: 11.20am]

The pathway has been cleared by tunnel staff. Vehicles are passing through to make their way to Hong Kong Island. 

[UPDATE: 11.12am]

Protesters are using traffic cones and barricades to block the entrance to the Cross Harbour Tunnel in Hung Hom. But staff are working to make room for vehicles to pass. 

[UPDATE: 10.55am]

The Airport Express has resumed service but intown flight check-in services remain disrupted.

At least 230 flights have been cancelled so far. Flights that are still departing are doing so up to 90 minutes late, which will cause more delays as the airport goes down to one runway at 1pm. 

[UPDATE 10.45am]

Most shops inside APM, a shopping mall in Kwun Tong, are closed this morning. 

[UPDATE: 10.40am]

Protesters and the police have a silent stand-off inside Lai King station

[UPDATE: 10.36am]

Traffic lights on Yee Wo Street in Casueway Bay are not working. Last night, the area was a scene of chaos as police and protesters clashed with each other. Tear gas was deployed by the police. 

Pedestrians and drivers are self-managing the flow of foot and vehicle traffic on the street.

[UPDATE: 10.27am]

The Kwun Tong Line is completely suspended, and the public are encouraged to take other modes of transport. Meanwhile, Kwun Tong Road is blocked by a line of buses and cars due to severe traffic jams in the area. 

[UPDATE: 10.20am]

Chief Executive Carrie Lam says at a press conference that the strikes will affect the livlihood of Hong Kong working families. She added that the violence has escalated beyond the bill, which she already announced as dead. 

"The protests have seriously undermined Hong Kong's law and order, pushing the city we all love and many of us helped to build, to the verge of a dangerous situation," she said.

She added that as a result of today's widespread discussion and violence, a majority of people are in a state of anxiety. "Some don't know if they can take public transport, while others are being blocked. The government will be resolute in maintaining law and order in Hong Kong and restore confidence," she said.

[UPDATE: 10.15am] 

Lung Chung Road, a major road near the Wong Tai Sin MTR station is now occupied by protesters, bringing traffic to a complete standstill. 

 [UPDATE: 10.10am]

Passengers at Causeway Bay station are asked to do the same, as the Island Line is now suspended.

[UPDATE: 10.06am]

Passengers at Admiralty station were asked to leave the station as all trains were suspended. 

[UPDATE: 9.59am] 

Meanwhile, cars and buses pile up outside the Cross Harbour Tunnel is Hung Hom as severe traffic causes chaos on the roads.

[UPDATE: 9.55am] 

Train services for all of the Kwun Tong Line as suspended. Bus services are also affected due to heavy traffic.

[UPDATE: 9.57am] 

The MTR have released a map showing the scale of this morning's disruptions. 

[UPDATE: 9.55am] 

Meanwhile, streets are empty and have remnants from last night's clashes. 

[UPDATE: 9.15am]

Severe MTR delays have caused major disruptions on the East Rail Line. Parts of the Island Line, Tung Chung Line, Kwun Tong Line, Tseung Kwan O Line and Tsuen Wan Line are suspended. 

The Airport Express Line is also completely suspended. 

[UPDATE: 7.42am]

SCMP reports that at Lai King station, a train to Tung Chung and the Disneyland Resort Line is delayed for a few minutes because a compartment door could not close.

Three MTR employees responded quickly to ensure nobody was stopping the door. Passengers in black complained that they didn't do anything and the train departs soon after.

[UPDATE: 6.58am] 

SCMP reports that Hong Kong International Airport is preparing for major disruptions. From midday until 6am on Tuesday, the airport will only use one of two runways due to a staff shortage caused by last-minute high sickness rates among air traffic controllers.

More than 1,000 passenger flights were due to depart and arrive in Hong Kong on Monday, with 511 services scheduled to leave the city, according to the Airport Authority’s website. By 7am, 94 departures and 78 arrivals were cancelled.

Airlines advise passengers to check their flight status before coming to the airport.