7 things you must check out at Retro.HK Gaming Expo 2017 at Polytechnic University

Joshua LeeMalcolm McNicol

The Retro.HK Gaming Expo 2017 is open from August 10-13 at Polytechnic University, and Young Post shows you the 7 things you must try out when you're there

Joshua LeeMalcolm McNicol |

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Street Fighter never gets old.

The Retro.HK Gaming Expo 2017 has just begun, and we are excited! From Nintendo 64 to Sega’s Dreamcast, the exhibition at the Polytechnic University in Hung Hom showcases an awesome assortment of classic and retro video games and consoles, giving gamers a throwback to the days of cube-like televisions and wired controllers.

Open to the public from August 10-13, 12am-8pm daily, the free event welcomes gaming fans of all ages. Young Post was there at an exclusive media preview, and here are the 7 things you must try out when you’re there!

1. Exhibition of retro / classic consoles

The event screams nostalgia. Various exhibits showcasing some of the first ever consoles bring back vivid memories of Bomberman with cousins and Street Fighter with friends. Walking through the exhibits, you can experience the evolution of video games in real time and see how far the industry has come.

2. Retro Cup tournament

On Saturday and Sunday, there will be 8 tournaments consisting of different games, which are absolutely free to join. These include Virtual Tennis and Super Mario Bros., as gaming fanatics of all ages can battle it out on numerous consoles for the prestigious title of Retro Cup champion!

3. Rare titles on display

A gaming enthusiast's dream come true.
Photo: Joshua Lee

If you’re interested in looking at rare and discontinued titles up close and personal, don't miss the various displays by devoted collectors who are showcasing their large hoards of hard-to-find cartridges and box art. But they're really doing for love rather than money as no merchandise will actually be on sale at the Expo.

4. Hi-tech vending machine

Not only is there a hi-tech vending machine that dishes out free souvenirs to fans, but it also displays the dates and times for the various game tournaments that will be taking place. Not sure when to sign up for the tournament you want to participate in? Go check at the machine, and grab a cool keychain while you’re at it!

5. 8Bitdo console

You’ve probably played at least one Super Mario before, but have you ever played it on a giant 8Bitdo console? The controller is the size of a large desk and you have to really stretch out to reach the buttons. For added difficulty, try playing the game together with a friend and see if your teamwork is up to scratch!

6. Demos for upcoming games

You can play demos of upcoming games such as Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.
Photo: Joshua Lee

Apart from retro games, there are also several exciting new demos, presenting fans with an opportunity to play upcoming games that have yet to be released to the public. One of our favourites was Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, a colourful action-adventure platform game, and the successor to Sega’s Wonder Boy series. Playing as main character Jin, you battle enemies and solve puzzles, navigating your way through increasingly difficult levels.

7. Free-to-play games

Arguably the main attraction of the retro games fair are the dozens of vintage gaming consoles that are set up for the public to play. Feel free to just sit down, pick up a controller, and press start! There are a huge variety of games to enjoy, ranging from racing games to Street Fighter and of course, all of the Super Mario games that you can think of. Make sure to spend some time sampling all the different games and consoles to take a gaming trip through memory lane.

If you are even remotely interested in video games, the event is definitely worth going to. Looking for a fun afternoon to mess around on some classic consoles? Or a day proving your skill against worthy competition on The King of Fighters ’98? Retro.HK presents an interactive and enjoyable occasion for gamers of all ages.

Edited by Jamie Lam