Hong Kong protests: Live updates from clashes at Sham Shui Po, Cheung Sha Wan, police headquarters and other areas on August 11

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Police use tear gas to disperse protesters at Sham Shui Po, Cheung Sha Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui and Wan Chai

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Scenes from Sham Shui Po as police use tear gas to disperse protesters for the second straight day.

Following a night of clashes between protesters and police around the city in Kwun Tong, Tai Po, the Cross Harbour Tunnel and other areas, rallies are planned today at the airport, Victoria Park, and Sham Shui Po.

Police used tear gas to disperse crowds in Tsim Sha Tsui after the police station was surrounded, but the day began peacefully with rallies attended by senior citizens, and parents with young children at Edinburgh Place.

The leaderless protest movement continues today. Young Post will be providing updates to what is happening around the city here:

[UPDATE: August 11 - 7.09pm ]

That concludes our live coverage of today's events. Head over to South China Morning Post's live blog for further updates.

[UPDATE: August 11 - 6.59pm - Wan Chai]

Police march towards protesters after molotov cocktail was thrown.


[UPDATE: August 11 - 6.56pm - Wan Chai]


[UPDATE: August 11 - 6.31pm - Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui]

Tear gas has been fired at both Tsim Sha Tsui Police Station and Wan Chai near police headquarters.

[UPDATE: August 11 - 6.31pm - North Point]


[UPDATE: August 11 - 6.22pm - Wan Chai]


[UPDATE: August 11 - 6.17pm - Wan Chai]

Protesters are now massing near police headquarters in Wan Chai.

[UPDATE: August 11 - 6.13pm - North Point]


[UPDATE: August 11 - 6.02pm - Airport]

The peaceful sit-in continues at the airport.

Photo: Hari Raj/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 5.54pm - Cheung Sha Wan]

Tear gas has been fired at Cheung Sha Wan Police Station, which is only about 500 metres away from Sham Shui Police Station.

[UPDATE: August 11 - 5.42pm - Sham Shui Po]

[UPDATE: August 11 - 5.40pm - Sham Shui Po]

Police have fired more tear gas at Sham Shui Po and have arrested at least four people.

Photo: Karen Zhang/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 5.40pm - Causeway Bay]

Yee Wo Street partially still blocked.

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 5.30pm - Causeway Bay]

Volunteer medics in full protective gear seen in Causeway Bay.

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 5.21pm - Sham Shui Po]


[UPDATE: August 11 - 5.20pm - Sham Shui Po]

Police have raised an orange flag to warn protesters at Lai Chi Kok Road that they may open fire with non-lethal weapons. Protesters are now leaving in the direction of Cheung Sha Wan.

[UPDATE: August 11 - 5.01pm - North Point]


[UPDATE: August 11 - 4.54pm - Causeway Bay]


[UPDATE: August 11 - 4.54pm - Sham Shiu Po]

Police have warned they may release tear gas near Dragon Centre on Yen Chow Street near Sham Shui Po Police Station.

Photo: Karen Zhang/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 4.42pm - Causeway Bay]

More people leaving Victoria Park and heading towards Causeway Bay.


[UPDATE: August 11 - 4.33pm - Causeway Bay]

Some protesters are leaving the police-approved rally point of Victoria Park and walking towards Causeway Bay. There is no presence there so far.

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 4.28pm - Airport]

Meanwhile at the airport, more protesters have joined the sit-in, with hundreds chanting slogans in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Photo: Hari Raj/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 4.23pm - Cheung Sha Wan]

[UPDATE: August 11 - 3.50pm - North Point]

[UPDATE: August 11 - 3.48pm - Sham Shui Po]

Three girls hold up signs that let protesters know their church is open for shelter, phone charging, water and other supplies. They welcome everyone to go in to rest or pray.

Photo: Emily Tsang/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 3.36pm - North Point]

Meanwhile, police presence is high in North Point after online rumours surfaced that there would be clashes between pro-government group from the Fujianese community. Posters that read, "Defend North Point, protect the Chinese" and "Stand Up Fujianese to protect your Home" have been put up in the area.

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 3.32pm]


[UPDATE: August 11 - 3.29pm]

Pro-democracy Legco member Fernando Cheung is at Victoria Park. He said, 'The bill is still active and can be pushed ahead with 12 days notice. The bill is dead is a lie'.

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 2.57pm]

Crowd is growing at Victoria Park, with more than one thousand protesters gaterhing in the head. US flags make an appearance again, with one flag bearer saying he wished for America to 'liberate Hong Kong'. He was aware that Trump earlier called the Hong Kong protests 'riots' but believes it was just rhetoric.

Photo: Wong Tsui-kai/SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 1.59pm]

Only a few dozen protesters are at the Hong Kong International Airport mass sit-in, but more people are expected to arrive soon.

Photo: SCMP

[UPDATE: August 11 - 1.36pm]

People are arriving from Tin Hau MTR station to gathering at the staring point of Victoria Park.