Hong Kong Protests: Airport demonstrators share apology posts across Telegram, asking for forgiveness over last night's violence

The online posters apologised for the inconvenience caused to journalists, ambulance and airport staff, and stranded passengers

Joanne Ma |

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Several posters asking for travellers' forgiveness have surfaced online this morning. Most of them were first circulated on the social media platform Telegram.

In the posters, protesters apologised for appearing to be aggressive, and causing inconvenience, and expressed gratitude for tourists' visits as guests to the city. Many of them were translated into other languages such as Chinese and Spanish to catch the attention of more people.

The posts were shared after the violent clashes that took place at the airport on Tuesday night. As well as causing serious disruptions to both incoming and outbound flight schedules, protesters were seen detaining and assaulting two mainlanders. One was suspected to be an undercover agent from China, while another one was a journalist from the mainland newspaper's website Global Times.

A round-up of the events at Hong Kong International Airport on August 13

A small contingent of fully equipped riot police and elite officers from the Special Tactical Squad fought off protesters, using pepper spray and batons. At one point, a police officer was seen drawing his gun and pointing it at his attackers, who were initially trying to rescue a woman pinned down by the police, and who took the officer's baton.