Lai Chack Middle School’s assembly took an unexpectedly emotional turn

By Joanna Wong, Form 5A
By Joanna Wong, Form 5A |

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An actress dressed as Joy greets fellow students during assembly

Lai Chack Middle School's assembly took an unusual turn on March 9 with a visit from the Inside Out characters.

The lights went down and the first character, Fear, played by three actors, emerged to gloomy music. Three more actors, playing Sadness, trudged slowly, wearing round glasses, with their heads lowered.
Suddenly, the music got loud and three actors in red suits stomped angrily, before Disgust showed up to point and shout at the audience.
Then, three Joy actresses jumped out smiling and waving. They were joined by Harmony, who wore colourful wigs to show all the different emotions, and everyone took a bow.