Hong Kong protests: Government begins international ad campaign explaining anti-extradition bill clashes in global newspapers

The first of a series of planned advertisements addressing recent demonstrations and the government's position appeared in an Australian publication

Nicola Chan |

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The government has begun a media offensive overseas to explain their perspective on the unrest in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong government has started publishing a full-page advertisement regarding the recent anti-extradition bill protests. The first one appeared in The Australian Financial Review today, a Hong Kong government spokesperson confirmed to Young Post

“We are resolutely committed to ‘One Country, Two Systems’ which provides the constitutional guarantee for Hong Kong’s continued development and success as a free and open society and economy,” the advert reads. 

It also highlights that the government rejects protesters’ “use of violence” as a means to resolve the city’s current challenges. “Violence solves nothing. We place our trust and faith in the rule of law which has served us so well for so many decades."

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The advert also featured Chief Executive Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor’s plan to begin a cross-sector dialogue, claiming that the government hopes to “talk through differences and look for common ground with no preconditions in the spirit of healing and reconciliation.” 

More ads like this are expected to appear in other foreign newspapers.

“After months of blanket, non-stop coverage on Hong Kong - and following the CE’s [chief executive’s] announcement yesterday of her ‘four actions’ - it is the right time for the Government to provide international audiences with a sincere and unvarnished assessment of our position,” the government’s spokesperson said in an email. 

“We want to stress our ongoing commitment to ‘One Country, Two Systems’; totally reject violence as a means to solve problems; and are genuine in our desire for a constructive and respectful dialogue to air and discuss all the grievances that have surfaced and which we need to address to get Hong Kong back on track,” the spokesperson added. 

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Stating that they are “determined to achieve a peaceful, rational and reasonable resolution”, the government’s advert reassured the international community that Hong Kong “remains a safe, open, welcoming and cosmopolitan society and an internationally connected, vibrant and dynamic economy.”

The advert will be running in major newspapers around the world over the coming week across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America in English and other languages. 

Since June, extradition bill protesters have been initiating a range of crowdfunding campaigns to raise money to place advertisements in global newspapers, hoping to raise awareness of the movement and of the local police force’s alleged excessive force and abuse power.